days of summer at the beachOK, it has been HOT! We have definitely sweltered this summer with the record-breaking temperatures making us crank up the air-conditioning and putting the fans on top-speed. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology we have just experienced ‘one of the most significant multi-day heatwaves on record’.  But with less than two weeks left of summer, it’s time to get out there and make the most of the glorious sunshine and clear skies!

#1 Hit the H2O

We are surrounded by water, so there’s no excuse for not jumping in! Swimming is low-cost and low-impact – making it the perfect exercise for just about everybody.
No matter what level of fitness you are, swimming is a winner because the water acts as resistance against your effort.

It’s great for your heart health, tones muscles and gives you a cardio workout too! Aside from fitness benefits, swimming is found to improve flexibility, balance, posture and even alleviate stress, so dive in!

#2 Try a summer beach workout

In the last days of summer, it’s a great time to hit the beach for a workout. Check our Body and Soul’s beach circuit suggestions or MiNDFOOD’s beach workout for exercise ideas.
Our top tips for exercising in the sand are:

  1. To give your feet and ankles a workout, try exercising with bare feet.
  2. Always wear sun protection.
  3. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and pack a drink bottle in your beach bag.
  4. Check your workout area for sharp objects or other dangers.
  5. Remember after your workout you may be tired, so if you are cooling off in the water keep close to the shore and swim inside the flagged area.

#3 Pack a Picnic

Make the most of this gorgeous weather by packing a picnic… Teddy-bears are optional! Generally picnic foods can be high in calories, so plan wisely to avoid undoing all your good work towards your fitness resolutions for 2014!

In our picnic basket, you will find quick and easy fresh salads and delicious whole food dips.

#4 Get Nurtured by Nature

Getting outdoors is just what the doctor ordered, according to current research. Spending time in nature is shown to improve mood and concentration as well as promoting relaxation, social connectivity and overall physical well-being.

Bushwalking is an obvious way to exercise and check out the wonderful open spaces Australia has to offer. To leave behind the hustle and bustle of your city, see clubs below:

Melbourne –
Brisbane –
Sydney –
Hobart –
Canberra –
Adelaide –
Darwin –
Perth –

#5 Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie

Whether it’s a seafood you adore or barbecuing a perfect steak, it’s time to pencil into the calendar a Sunday arvo BBQ. Nothing beats sharing delicious fare with friends or family, dining alfresco and sipping your favourite refreshing summer drink!

Need more sun-piration? We loved the 50 Fun Summer Activities Checklist for a host of great ideas. Whatever you are up to in the last days of summer, make sure you put your skin first by using either a day cream with sunscreen or tinted moisturiser.

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