Proudly Paraben, Sulphate, Mineral Oil & Petroleum Free

Éminence products, handmade in Budapest Hungary, are not mass produced and do not contain artificial colours, fragrances or genetically modified ingredients. Just open a jar to experience a product that is brimming with aromatic herbs, luscious fruits and vibrant vegetables. The ingredients are whole fruit and vegetable pulp, seeds and hand harvested herbs.

Éminence organic ingredients are cold pressed and blended together over a number of hours at room temperature without any hydrogenation processes. This guarantees the delivery of all the precious vitamins and minerals ensuring your skin receives the most potent concentration of antioxidants and bioflavonoids possible. Each product is mixed in small batches and combined with mineral rich thermal spring water to create products with potent beautifying properties.

Every Éminence product requires personal care and attention to produce and package. An in-depth knowledge of nature’s plants, enhanced with today’s skin care innovations enables Eminence to produce natural skin care that is true to both organic enthusiasts and results-driven clients.

Free Radicals

Free Radicals – We have all heard of the term, but what are they really? Technically, free radicals are oxygen molecules that are damaged. This imbalance makes the molecule very aggressive and it tries to steal electrons from healthy cells to repair its injury. During this attack the healthy cells suffer more damage and any new cells that are created are flawed (otherwise known as aging). As you can imagine, this process is very destructive to the structure of your skin and over time free radicals age your skin, making it lose elasticity as well as appear wrinkled and dull.

The main sources of free radicals are common everyday aggressors such as the sun, caffeine, diet, and toxins such smoking and air pollution. Even with a healthy lifestyle, most of us are still exposed to excessive amounts of free radicals throughout the day.

Our bodies also create their own form of free radical when we convert the food we eat into energy however we also create our own antioxidants to fight this. Because of the proliferation of external sources of free radicals our bodies need additional support to help stop the destruction of healthy cells and to repair the damaged ones.

Our Products Contain the Following.


Such as beta-carotene, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C Ester, A, B, D and E heal and nourish the skin and give it that irresistible glow. Eminence sources the highest quality organic vitamins from Hungarian grown fruits, herbs and vegetables.


Often referred to as the vitamins of the dermis for their anti-aging effect, bioflavonoids consist of over 4000 different molecules and are found in almost every plant. Bioflavonoids protect the plant in much the same way as they protect humans by neutralizing free radicals. Leafy greens, rosehips, fruits of all varieties, green tea and paprika are rich in bioflavonoids to assist in improving the skins elasticity, firmness and give long term protection against premature aging of the skin.

Amino Acids

(Lipoic, Alpha & Beta Hydroxl Acids) Natural antioxidants, amino acids are essential for toning the skin and achieving a smooth and healthy complexion. Even for the most balanced diets, receiving enough amino acids through diet alone is difficult. Using Eminence will allow for optimal levels of amino acids to reach and repair the skin. All Eminence products contain wheat germ oil, a non-greasy element that gives skin the nutrition that it needs to be soft and supple.

Food for the Skin

To ensure maximum benefit from ingredients, Eminence supplies its antioxidants in a liposome base. It is difficult to receive adequate amounts of antioxidants through diet alone, and simply applying raw fruits and vegetables to the skin does not allow the antioxidant-rich nutrition to reach the areas of the skin that ultimately protect and prevent free radical damage. Therefore, it is essential to use a carefully prepared emulsion of antioxidants to specifically target and fight free radicals through topical application.


Your Eminence Organic Skin Care product is formulated with the freshest and most potent organic ingredients to give you instant and long lasting results with continued use. Eminence targets areas such as wrinkles, crow’s feet and blemishes and refines poor texture and tone while increasing circulation to help renew cells and detoxify the skin. Your skin will tingle with new found freshness and health.