How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home

How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home

Whether it has been a long day, week or month (we’ve all been there), or your skin needs extra care in-between professional spa treatments, we’ve got you covered on how to achieve the best at-home spa facial. Embrace your inner beauty therapist, and take it up an extra notch by setting up candles and listening to relaxing tunes. Cosiness assured.

Here are a few steps to follow to take your skin care regime to the next level with an at-home facial, whenever your skin needs some extra love, or you feel like a morale boost.

What is a facial?

Whether you are a spa-facial aficionado or have never succumbed to the temptation of one, it is always important to know what and how exactly a facial contributes to your beauty routine. An all-inclusive approach to skin care, a facial is a treatment or series of treatments that can target multiple skin concerns. Some treatments are better off left to the professionals due to the precision and experience required – extraction and chemical peels are two examples. Nonetheless, giving your skin an hour of pampering will reset it – and we can all use some me-time every now and then. Although nothing will replace the expertise and experience of professional treatment, an at-home facial by yourself can maintain the health of your skin until your next opportunity to visit your beauty therapist. To book your next spa treatment or learn more about facials, we recommend getting in touch with the nearest Eminence Organics Spa partner to you.

Why give yourself a facial at home?

On top of giving your skin some extra care and pampering, other than your usual cleanse and moisturiser, it is a chance for you to disconnect from your busy work life, and get some well-deserved relaxation time. Think of it as a way to decompress while giving your skin the maintenance it needs.  

Facials can be done any time throughout the day, although nighttime can be when your skin is most ready to repair. It also allows you to unwind from the day. As your skin renews every 20-30 days, you’re likely to see results within several weeks of your facial.

Facial steps at home

Look no more! We created for you this simple, easy-to-follow guide for your next at-home facial. Just light some scented candles, put on the most relaxing music you can find and line up the facial products you need. And most importantly, enjoy.

Step 1. Prepare your facial products

To remove any makeup start with an oil cleanser, such as the Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, and then rinse or remove with a warm cloth.

Step 2. Cleanse

It’s time for cleansing! Once makeup is all removed, double-cleanse by massaging a small amount of another cleanser into your face and neck for 1-3 minutes. Not only do facial massages allow your skin to better absorb the product, but they encourage the flush of fluid in your face that causes puffiness. Make sure to push the skin up as you massage to give your face a natural lift. Gently smooth forehead and eye area wrinkles as you go. This will relax the facial muscles. Rinse thoroughly. 

Step 3. Tone

Next, spray a toner. Remember the neck and decolletage (avoid the eye area here), as they are the first areas, other than the face, to show the visible signs of ageing. Toners are great to treat skin concerns and allow for better absorption of products that follow. Toners such as Lime Refresh Tonique will help balance shine on the T-zone, and keep a mattified complexion.

Step 4. Steam

Pour boiled water into a large bowl and place your skin six inches away while covering your head with a towel to trap the steam. This will soften your pores and prepare your skin for exfoliation and absorption. You can steam up to 10 minutes, two minutes at a time.

Step 5. Exfoliate

Gently massage an exfoliant into the skin. If using a granular exfoliant, be careful not to scrub or drag, particularly around the delicate eye area where the skin is thinner. Massaging an exfoliant onto your skin gently removes dead skin cells and any remaining dirt or makeup. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 6. Facial Masking

It’s masking time! Apply a thin, even layer of your mask (it may be tempting to go thick, but it’s not necessary) and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before removing with a damp face cloth. For extra facial benefit, employ your former massaging techniques to maximise absorption and natural lift. Remember to include your neck and decolletage. 

Step 7. Massage

To deeply hydrate the skin, reach for your facial oil or moisturiser for another massage. Gently knead your face for 5-10 minutes before removing with a warm face cloth. 

Step 8. Apply serum

Now to treat your concerns. Apply a serum that targets your skin concern and gently press 1-2 drops into your skin. For example the Marine Flower Peptide Serum is enhanced with unique plant peptides and marine flower technology to rejuvenate, lift, firm and improve the visible signs of ageing.

Step 9. Eyecare

Next, you want to target dark under-eye circles, puffiness or fine lines around your eyes. Reach for your favourite eye cream, lightly blending and tapping the product until it’s absorbed. 

Step 10. Moisturising

Take your moisturiser and apply a thin layer to the face, neck and decolletage. And you’re done with your first at-home facial!

Whether you’re after some relaxing me-time or a boost in your skin care routine, the beauty and mental health benefits from a facial are immense. You only need to set aside half an hour for yourself every now and then. Not to mention your skin will thank you, tenfold. 

Want to learn more about at-home skin care? Take a look at our selection of masksserums and moisturisers. Or, if you’re after skin care at a professional level, get in touch with your nearest Eminence Organics Spa Partner.