Australian Actress Bojana Novakovic Experiences Eminence in NYC

Australian Actress Bojana Novakovic Experiences Eminence in NYC

Bojana Novakovic attends the AACTA awards in Sydney in December 2022

Award-winning Australian actor and long-time user of Eminence Organics, Bojana Novakovic recently attended a VIP Eminence spa experience whilst filming in New York. Bojana is currently starring in the Australian hit series ‘Love Me’ on Binge.
Big thank you to our Australian Eminence Director Tamara Eacott and Media & Communications Manager Joyce Chiang for making this possible. Also thanks to award-winning international Eminence Educational Director Brian Goodwin for administering Bojana’s facial, which, as you can see from her signed photo above – she loved!

SKN Spa in New York City

Bojana was first introduced to Eminence by her make-up artist Kirsten Veysey whilst filming some years ago. The products were an immediate fit for her.
“The first time I tried organic products on my face, it was a disaster. They simply did not compare to the effects of other (nastier) skincare. They didn’t hold glow, moisture and plumpness. Given that skincare is important for my work, this meant that for years I had to either compromise skin quality or try to balance the nasty ingredients in products that worked with my knowledge about their possible effects of my health if used long term. This made skincare very unenjoyable and kind of a chore.
A make-up artist I work with recommended Eminence, and while I was trepidatious to try it, the effects of the range really blew me away. It is the only skincare range which I have come across with organic ingredients that works. 
Not only that, the products are so beautiful you can tell that great care is taken in their creation. I look forward to what has now become a satisfying morning and evening routine, without concern about my health or hormones. I am obsessed with the products, the entire range is wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough.”

This is wonderful feedback for the whole Eminence team. Thank you Bojana and thank you Eminence!

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