A deluxe, hyaluronic acid skin routine for dehydrated skin

A deluxe, hyaluronic acid skin routine for dehydrated skin

Hyaluronic acid’s benefits for the skin are no longer a secret in the skin care industry. With almost instant, visible hydration, minimal risk of skin irritation, and strong scientific support, hyaluronic acid has wide appeal. Every skin type and condition can benefit from an added dose of hydration. Even oily skin types. Read on to discover a step-by-step routine designed to plump and hydrate.

Why you need hyaluronic acid in your skin care routine

What exactly is hyaluronic acid (HA), and why is it important for a glowing, dewy look? HA is a sugar that naturally occurs in the skin and aids the skin in moisture retention, keeping the complexion hydrated, and slowing the signs of ageing.

HA is also a humectant, holding over one thousand times its weight in water. Put simply by EverydayHealth.com, HA “works to attract and bind to water molecules and increase the water content of the skin,” which is how your skin almost instantly looks plump after just one application. 

Hyaluronic acid’s hydration capabilities are its ultimate draw. The signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, are more likely to develop due to dry skin. Dry, dehydrated skin is also a sign that the skin barrier has been compromised. This can lead to increased sensitivity of your skin, and an increase in irritation or breakouts. Adding HA to your skin care routine will transform your complexion in the following ways:

  • plumps the skin to give it a more smoother-looking appearance 
  • reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves dry or dehydrated skin
  • keeps the skin barrier intact 

How to use hyaluronic acid successfully

It is important to remember that when adding HA to your skin care routine, this ingredient will pull any moisture it can find into the surface of the skin. It can even pull moisture from the deeper layers of the skin itself. Applying a HA product to a wet face is key to avoiding drying out your skin. For best results, apply HA almost immediately after cleansing, showering, or dampening your face. This will ensure that the product pulls water from the outside in to the top layers of the skin, instead of pulling moisture from within the skin itself. By following this, you can enjoy maximum hydration and visibly healthy, glowing skin.

It's an acid...will hyaluronic acid sting or tingle?

When you think of the word “acid”, you think of an exfoliation process or an enzymatic skin care product that breaks down skin cells. HA, however, is an extremely gentle, naturally occurring substance. When applied, HA shouldn’t burn or tingle like other “acids” in the skin care game. It is, therefore, suitable for all skin types and concerns; from oily to sensitive, to breakout prone. According to Harvard Health, HA is also less likely to prompt an allergic reaction.

We do, however, always recommend patch testing new products to see if it works for your skin. Simply apply a small amount to a tiny area of skin before using it on larger areas to check for unfavourable reactions.

What is Eminence's Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex?

The unique Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex is composed of two parts, a multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid and marshmallow root extract. The complex works to target and boost hydration at both the surface level, and within the skin thanks to its: 

  • low molecular weight HA, which absorbs into the skin and delivers deep hydration
  • medium molecular weight HA, which hydrates the surface and locks moisture in
  • marshmallow root which helps preserve moisture in the skin by having a preventative effect on the hyaluronidase enzyme responsible for HA degradation.

An 8 step hydration packed skin care routine

Step 1: Cleanse

Gently cleanse your skin with a hydrating cleanser and warm water. The Stone Crop Gel Wash is perfect with its ability to wash away impurities without drying out the skin. The botanical extracts in the cleanser will also help to even skin tone and minimise the appearance of blemishes, leaving behind a healthy complexion.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Use the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant to lightly exfoliate with lactic acid, gently smoothing the skin and breaking down dead skin cells. Dispense a five-cent piece-sized amount of dry Dermafoliant to the palm of the hand, adding a half teaspoon of water. Rub hands together to create a creamy paste and apply to the face using circular motions, careful to avoid the delicate areas around the eye. Leave for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water to remove.

Step 3: Tone

Quench the dry skin’s thirst with a hydrating toner. Softly spritz the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist once or twice onto face and neck, or apply with a cotton round, avoiding the eye area. Leave on. Infused with hydrating stone crop juice, softening aloe, and brightening bearberry, this toner delivers a refreshing boost of hydration for the skin.

Step 4: Masque

Apply the hyaluronic acid-rich Strawberry Rhubarb Masque around the face and décolleté, emulsifying with a few drops of water, to calm and plump the skin. Leave the masque on for at least five minutes (or longer if you like). Actor Busy Phillips said this one “smells like a strawberry milkshake,” and we absolutely agree. After sitting on the skin for a while, use a soft, lukewarm face cloth to gently remove the product, moving in circular motions. Finish with a rinse. 

Product Picks

Step 5: Essence

Follow with a hydrating essence. Dispense a small amount of product in your hands or on a cotton round and pat it onto cleansed skin. We love the Birch Water Purifying Essence. Formulated with botanical collagen and snow mushroom (which holds 500 times its weight in water!), this essence leaves the skin replenished and prepped to absorb the benefits of the next steps.

Step 6: Treat

While the skin is still damp from the application of the essence, use a hyaluronic acid-rich serum, like our deliciously scented Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum to plump and smooth the skin. Apply to the face, neck and décolleté areas.

Step 7: Moisturise

While the serum is still damp on your skin, apply a layer of our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Hydrator to support your skin’s moisture barrier. Apply over the face, neck, and décolleté area, leaving it to sink in. This versatile hydrator provides deep absorption and instant hydration, and can be applied in a lightweight layer, slathered more thickly over dry areas, or simply layered under your usual moisturiser.

Step 8: Eye cream

Finish your routine by depuffing the skin around the eyes and deliver intense, long-lasting hydration with our Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream. Using your fingertips, tap the cream very lightly around the eyes until fully absorbed. Leave on. This gentle eye cream plumps and protects against transepidermal water loss, by locking in moisture and supporting the skin’s moisture barrier around the delicate eye area.

BONUS! Step 9: Body care

Apply hydration and soften dry skin with our Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Body Lotion. Massage this quick-absorbing body lotion into tough spots on the body, like the elbows and knees, and soothe dehydrated, irritated, or dry skin with an instant hydration boost. Infused with aloe, strawberry, and rhubarb, your skin will be left with a soft and silky finish.

Product Picks

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