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Customer Testimonials

Hi Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to answer my query today on Eminence moisturisers, I am very happy with my choice of the Monoi. After our phone conversation....wherein I had mentioned that I was fairly proficient at ordering on line :D but just needed some advice as to the best choice for my present skin concerns, I hope you didn't think I had been ordering willy nilly of any old web sites...not a chance, I always and only order from trusted Green Living Cosmetics. In the event that I have reason to phone, I have always been treated to great advice from cheerful staff, I love Eminence products and I love the fabulous customer service. Please accept my sincere appreciation on steering me in the right direction for my skin care once again. Kindest Regards, Anne

Anne H

Late last year, I received an Eminence facial and it left my skin feeling so hydrated – it was incredible. I now use the Firm Skin Acai Booster Serum religiously! My skin is clearer and plumper than ever.

Natalie Babic Beauty Writer for CLEO and DOLLY Magazine

I discovered Eminence just before I was getting married as I was looking for an Organic, nourishing and effective line of skin care that would give me that wedding "glow". Eight years on and I still absolutely LOVE these products.

When I fell pregnant with our first child 2 years ago I was so surprised at how much my skin and nails had changed - my once oily, combination skin had become so dry that I had to change the Eminence products I was using, and I noticed the improvements immediately.

I had 3 products that I relied on during my pregnancy and continue to use them today

Elle Jackson

I have been using Eminence for 18 months after visiting a day spa while on holidays. It is by far THE BEST skincare I have ever used, I've used a few, I'm 50!

I have tried other Organic products and the results have not been to my expectations. Eminence is different. The products deliver and the redness has completely gone from my cheeks and my skin is the best it has been in many years. My "go to" product is Linden Calendula cream. As I do not have a consultant within 3 hrs of my home, I phone and ask the girls at head office their advice. They are always helpful and I've always been happy with their recommendations. I'm a customer for life.


Thanks so much for sending those samples - I'm a convert!  What delicious - and effective products!  I've just had a week away on an island so I saved the samples to test them during my time away and use only Eminence.


I noticed the difference immediately, and after 7 days - exactly how long the two moisturisers lasted coincidently, although I was using them in the manner of an addict - I kept going back to the mirror to check out my new and improved 'laugh lines' (and this from someone who doesn't pay much attention to the mirror, or wrinkles, or anti-aging creams). My skin was suffering too, from a reaction to toothpaste containing SLS I think, and it really cleared up after using the Tokay Ice Wine Masque.  I was so impressed.


So, I'll be posting about Eminence in the next day or two, and making some purchases asap!

Thanks again. 

Jenny Leach

I was so happy when I opened the parcel and was enveloped with a beautiful fruity sweet smell.So of course I had to try just a little bit of each going through the different scents and creams I was very impressed with the feel of each product.They felt light but still moisturizing and not gluggy which so many these day can be.

My skin (a hormonal mess after the birth of my son) has really calmed down after using the mango night cream, apricot whip and the cucumber eye gel.The eye gel is such a treat on tired eyes.
My favourite product of the lot is the strawberry and rhubarb dermafilient my skin looked fresh and was glowing again and I would reccomend it to anyone needing a fresh start with their skin care as it felt like a blank canvas.


Dear Eminence,
I apologise for not getting back to you sooner but we have had a lot going on and your products have played a great supporting part.

I received your products for my birthday in April. I was very touched by the gift but I did not start using them. I did not know where to start and do not regularly use such special products. 

Later I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy and started chemotherapy. When I started chemotherapy I was advised to take care of my skin and from that time I have used your products.

My favourite is the Tomato Sun Cream. I use it every day and it gives me a wonderful fresh start no matter what else my day holds.

I also use it on the back of my hands daily for sun protection and the skin has improved noticeably.
I am currently three quarters of the way through my chemotherapy treatment and people regularly comment on how well I look.

Despite my treatment my facial skin has improved. I have recently started using the sample eye cream and regularly use the body butter and the blueberry night creamI am very happy with your products and will definitely recommend the sun cream especially.

Katalin Nieuwenhuizen, Chipping Norton, NSW

It's not often that you get to try a wide range of products selected especially for your skin type, and for them to be organic products as well is such a bonus!

I received a couple of different cleansers, an exfoliant, a couple of masques, a booster serum and concentrates a number of moisturisers, including a tinted moisturiser, green tea - and a chocolate! I loved the Lavender night concentrate and the Nasberry treatment cream possibly the most, and overall noticed a real glow to my skin after a week of using the creams.

The Bamboo Firming Fluid was also a favourite. I will definately consider purchasing some of these products once my samples run out! Many thanks for this opportunity to luxuriate in such wonderful skin creams!


I have tried so many facial cleansers, but nothing has been as visibly effective as this product. After the first use my skin was softer and smoother. I also loved the apricot whip moisturizer was my favourite I loved the scent and made my skin more supple.

All the products smell absolutely divine fresh and fruity. I also have quite sensitive skin so was surprised they didn't aggravate my skin at all. Quite the opposite: I have found that the redness and irritability of my skin has calmed down significantly.
I did not like the pink grapefruit masque as the texture was quite odd but it did brighten my skin afterwards.


I've tried a lot of luxury skin care products in my time, but I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely this range made my skin feel.

The citrus exfoliating wash felt a little grainy to use, but when I washed it off, the instant soften in my skin was startling. It certainly has a better smoothing effect than any other daily exfoliant wash I've tried.
The strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant was extraordinary. I was cynical when i saw the white powder (to be mixed with water) as i've seen many of those type before, but the way it left my skin was superb - definitely will be purchasing this item.

The key lime vanilla masque had a little too much sting for my liking, but the eight greens whip moisturiser and wild plum eye cream were beautifully nourishing.
All up, after just half an hour at home i felt like i'd had a luxury facial. Sure, this products are expensive..and probably a little too much so...but they are beautiful!


Spa Partner Testimonials

I have been using the 3 in 1 Rice Milk Cleanser for a number of months now as my morning cleanser.

The first thing I noticed was how fresh and clean my skin felt. As I continued to use it each morning I also noticed my skin feeling really even afterwards and my moisturiser spread easily. It’s nice to use a product that you can apply on your entire face, neck and eyes feeling the benefits in all areas. Its feels refreshing around the eyes and eases away any dryness. I am now quite addicted to the 3 in 1 Rice Milk Cleanser and wouldn’t hesitate recommending it for any skin type or concern. 

Tamara Eacott, Green Living Cosmetics

We have found Eminence Organic Skin Care a wonderful addition to our spa as the clients and therapists just love the products and the results.

Melissa Davis, Queenscliff, VIC, Queenscliff Day Spa

Eminence Organics has definitely changed my life and my customers as well. Its healing, renewing, calming and relaxing benefits are amazing. It is a pleasure to use such a beautiful combination of sensory products, with the fruits, flowers and herbs a constant delight to myself and my clients. The results are fantastic. Thank you so much.

Marina Fernandez, Gungahlin ACT, Nectar Day Spa

Having been in the Wellness/ Spa Industry for 19 years I have trialed and tested many skin care products and have seen the results that are achievable by these. Eminence Organics was chosen for the Australian Crowne Plaza Tea Tree Day Spa brand due to the effective organic ingredients, green sustainability of the brand, techniques trained for treatments and the wide range of products that address all skin concerns for not only the face but body as well. The Spa industry is moving from pampering to holistic wellness treatments, therefore highly trained therapists, result driven organic skin care products and designer treatments ensure that the guest receives the maximum health care benefits along with ongoing treatment effects. The Tea Tree Day Spa therapists are passionate about working with Eminence Organics due to support and training from Tamara Hart, treatment results and the guest delight that they are able to provide from Eminence treatments.

Spa Manager – Tea Tree Day Spas, Crowne Plaza, Tea Tree Day Spa

The team at Green Living Cosmetics have assisted us greatly in the success of our spa business at Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort with the supply of Eminence.

It is so good to deal with a company that hasn’t forgotten the importance of personal service.

Our support manager is very generous with her time for training, with the supply of products, samples and collateral to assist us with marketing this amazing skin care product. Eminence has sponsored many marketing events we have held at Noosa Springs and this is always appreciated by us.

After working 20 years in the Spa industry I feel Green Living Cosmetics is very much in tune with our business needs.

Julie Meacham - Spa Manager, Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort

Esha Beauty opened in March 2013 and I couldn’t have done it without a company like Green Living Cosmetics and Eminence Organic Skin Care.

The Eminence team are a pleasure to work with. Orders are always on time and arrive overnight. The Director is always available to chat or to help out with anything you may need, even if it’s the weekend or 10pm at night, or even 6am in the morning - she is there!

Being a manager and business owner, you’re always on the go and having a company get back to your emails and calls instantly is amazing.

Our support manager has done many training sessions with me and my team, whenever I have needed it. The training we have received from her has been amazing; she is very inspiring and knowledgeable. We wish we could have her in our salon every day!

Green Living Cosmetics supported us in a ‘Launch Night’ for our salon and it was a great success because of Green Living Cosmetics and the Eminence products.

My team LOVE Eminence and it is the best skin care we have ever had the pleasure of using!

Monika Ejmont, Esha Beauty

I have been working with Eminence Organics for over a year, and in this time I have fallen in love with the products and the company. We are a medical based aesthetic and wellness clinic with a holistic approach to our work. Eminence has been the perfect product range for our Medi-Spa, as we have been able to use the products in conjunction with our medical treatments and also for relaxing spa experiences.

I love working with the products in clinic and our clients love using the products at home. It blows my mind everyday at the standard of results we are achieving with our acne and anti-aging treatments and the best part of it is we are using organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to get these results.

Green Living Cosmetics has been brilliant to work with, Tamara and the team have gone above and beyond any other company I have ever worked with. We have had unlimited support and nurturing as we have worked together to grow and develop the Eminence brand within our Medi-Spa. They have delivered in all aspects that a company should, from regular trainings, to organising events. Their ongoing support, encouragement and dedication to our success have made working with Eminence an absolute pleasure.

Natalie Agustin – Head Therapist, Exqisit You Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic - Mackay Queensland

Green Living Cosmetics provides ongoing support for our small business going above and beyond that of any other cosmetic supplier we deal with, making them our preferred spa supplier. Over the last 6 months alone they have helped our spa to grow its retail sales by a massive increase!!

Their support has come in the form of specialised trainings, special events and continual encouragement.

Each and every staff member we deal with at Green Living Cosmetics is wonderful and accommodating of every need and request that we have. We look forward to yet another year working together and striving towards being the best that we can be with the ongoing support of Green Living Cosmetics.

Spa Manager – Empire Retreat and Spa, Empire Retreat and Spa