Cucumber Eye Gel 30ml pump

Cucumber Eye Gel 30ml pump

Cream eye gel suitable for all skin types including sensitive, puffy, pigmented



A soothing and hydrating eye gel containing cucmber juice and wild hops to improve the appearance of tired-looking eyes. This eye gel tones and revitalises as bearberry diminishes the appearance of dark circles and blotchiness to reveal a clear, even tone. Evening primrose and almond oils work together, conditioning the delicate under-eye area to soften and smooth the skin for a youthful look.

Winner of Best Professional Eye Care Product Award, Sisters BeautyPro Awards, Hong Kong, 2008


  • Cucumber Juice: revitalizing and toning
  • Wild Hops: rejuvenates skin’s appearance
  • Shea Butter: moisturizes and repairs the look of skin
  • Bearberry: reduces the appearance of age spots and blotches
  • Evening Primrose Oil & Almond Oil: soften and soothe the appearance of skin
We Believe in: We say NO to:
✔  Organic ✖  Parabens
✔  Natural ✖  Phthalates
✔  Biodynamic® ✖  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
✔  Sustainable ✖  Propylene Glycol
✔  Cruelty Free ✖  Animal Testing

Our natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients may have slight variations from harvest to harvest.


Dispense a small amount of the gel and tap gently around the eye contour area. Use morning, night, or anytime eyes need a lift.


  • Collagen fibers appear reinforced and strengthened
  • Relieves appearance of puffiness in eye area
  • Moisture level is improved
  • The appearance of fine lines, dark areas, and redness are reduced
  • Skin is protected against free radicals

Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results. 

Reviews for Cucumber Eye Gel 30ml pump


July 11, 2014

Fresh Sweet Cucumber Scent Every Morning!

A light green opaque formula that I hardly need to use any of - it as it spreads unbelievably easily. I have a deluxe sample of this and have been using it for some time and still I'm only half way through!

Typically of Eminence products, I tend to fall in love with each and every one I try! This one included! It smells so fresh every time I dab a bit under my eyes in the morning (and sometimes night) and it goes straight to work to do it's magic. Really, it does seem magical as it erases puffiness before my eyes! You've probably guessed by now if you've read this far that I love this product and would highly recommend it and I know you'll end up loving it too. I can't really beat this product as a fave for eyes. I could give it 100 stars.

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