Tinted Moisturiser SPF25 - Caramel Latte 35ml (medium)

Tinted Moisturiser SPF25 - Caramel Latte 35ml (medium)

Sun protection in a lightweight cream suitable for all skin types.


Soften and protect skin with an antioxidant-rich, non-clogging tinted moisturiser.  Skin is effectively protected against the damaging effects of the sun, vitamin content provides nutrition to the skin, complexion is clear, smooth and bright, and skin tone is evened out. 



  • Linden Tea: supplies bioflavonoids, nourishes, hydrates, and rejuvenates the skin 
  • Shea Butter: moisturizes and repairs the look of skin 
  • Aloe: soothing and refreshing 
  • Corn Germ Oil: enriches, supports and increases moisture levels within the skin
  • Jojoba Oil: supports and hydrates with one of the best absorption rates
  • Zinc Oxide: provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Ethylhexl Methoxycinnamate: a clear liquid compound that absorbs UVB light
We Believe in: We say NO to:
✔  Organic ✖  Parabens
✔  Natural ✖  Phthalates
✔  Biodynamic® ✖  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
✔  Sustainable ✖  Propylene Glycol
✔  Cruelty Free ✖  Animal Testing

Our natural, organic and Biodynamic® ingredients may have slight variations from harvest to harvest.


Zinc Oxide 6%: sunscreen, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate 6%: sunscreen


Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturiser light
Caramel Latte Tinted Moisturiser light to medium


Squeeze a few pumps of Caramel or Cocoa or Vanilla Latte Tinted Moisturizer into the palm of your hand and apply evenly to cleansed skin, blending well with fingers outwards towards the edge of your face. Normal to Oily Skins will feel comfortable wearing without any other moisturiser. Dry skins may want to apply a serum or light moisturiser underneath the Tinted Moisturiser.


  • Skin is effectively protected against the damaging effects of the sun
  • Vitamin content provides nutrition to the skin
  • Complexion appears clear, smooth and bright
  • Skin tone appears even

Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results. 

Reviews for Tinted Moisturiser SPF25 - Caramel Latte 35ml (medium)

Carmel Garro, Hawthorn East VIC

May 13, 2013

Caramel Latte Tinted Moisturiser

This product is smooth and light. It gives a decent amount of colour that provides a subtle glow with some coverage. It's not one of the heavy tinted moisturisers that almost look like foundation, so it's perfect as a base or a natural look. I use it followed by a little concealer, mineral powder, and bronzer. The best part is that it doesn't clog my skin at all. I use it every day and I am yet to find a tinted moisturizer that even comes close.

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