Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub 250ml

Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub 250ml

A sugar scrub combined with the antioxidant healing power of blueberry scrub, to leave you feeling refreshed and your skin feeling smooth.


The antioxidant richness of blueberry pulp gives your skin and extra special treat all year round. Smooth your skin from shoulders to toes with raw sugar cane and enjoy the sexy dewy finish that lasts all day and into the night.




All skin types




KEY INGREDIENTS: Blueberry: high in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients Non-GMO Soy: rich in isoflavones and vitamin B Raw Sugar Cane Granules: natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid Sweet Almond Oil: softens and nourishes the appearance of skin Raspberry: vitamin C and phyto-nutrient rich Avocado Oil: moisturizes the appearance of skin Green Tea: antioxidant, phenol, and vitamin C Comfrey: emollient; antioxidant; source of vitamin E; lubricated the skin to promote elasticity Ground Flax Seeds: exfoliates the skin Black T


Apply a layer of the scrub to damp skin, preferably during the last part of a shower or bath. Massage in circular motions on legs, hand arms, elbows and any part of the body that needs soothing. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. If needed, follow with a body lotion according to skin type. 


  • Skin appears left soft and supple
  • Moisture levels are improved
  • Skin appears healthier

Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results. 


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