Clear Skin VitaSkin

Vitaskin Clear Skin Collection

The Clear Skin routine cleanses and revitalises acne prone skin with gentle, effective, natural and organic ingredients that transport essentail nutrients and soothe inflammation without any damageing effects to the skin.  Cucumber, tee tree oil and stone crop purify the skin and reduce the formation of sebum and bacteria, while yoghurt gently exfoliates and imparts healthy probiotics to improve the skins balance.  Williow bark extract, functions as an astringent and contains powerful calming and soothing properties that will help to relieve the inflammation often associated with acne prone skin. 

75% of users reported a reduction in acne lesions and scares in just 14 days and 100% of users showed a reduction in the number of acne scares in only 28 days with the Clear Skin Solution.