Winter Warm Up

Winter Warm Up

Cold Winter days mean it’s time to pull out the winter clothing, drag out the heater and find those warming soup recipes. It’s important to keep the body warm during the colder months. Apart from the obvious reasons of catching a chill and common colds, cold in the body can lead to imbalances causing issues with digestion and detoxification processors. When the skin is cold it becomes sluggish, and loses its vitality and function. This can cause issues like a sallow appearance, congestion and dullness. The best way to combat these issues is with warming treatments, and for the skin in particular, paprika is an excellent way to warm and detoxify.

Why Paprika?

Not only is it a well known and beloved Hungarian ingredient, paprika has the ability to significantly improve sallow, dull skin in just one treatment. Yes you read that right, one treatment. Some paprika masques also contain exfoliants so that you’re getting a really high performance home facial that leaves skin glowing for days. Perfect before a night out or function!

These treatments are perfect not only for sluggish skin but also for anti-ageing, acne, oxygenating and detoxification. Almost any concern you can think of! Also due to your skin temperature having increased it enables better absorption of the next products you put on your skin! This means you will experience greater results from your skin care routine. And last but definitely not least: you end up with such a radiant healthy glow that everyone will be wanting to know your secret! So where do you find paprika in Eminence treatment products?

Lime Stimulating Masque

High in antioxidants and Vitamin C from limes and lemons, this hot masque is perfect for detoxifying sluggish skin. Nettle and Paprika stimulate the skin to revitalise and rejuvinate, while thermal waters supply fresh minerals to soften and nourish. Your skin will be left revitalised and brightened. 

Eight Greens Phyto Masque - Hot

Paprika, Yucca and Flaxseed deliver a powerful blend of antioxidants and phytoestrogens that improve the skin’s hydration, reducing the visible signs of ageing, while normalising oily skin. Honey moisturises and nourishes, leaving skin with a youthful looking glow.

Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

It’s all in the name for this special treatment. World famous Hungarian thermal mud provides deep cleansing and detoxifying. Sage tones the skin while Willow and Ivy (high in vitamin C) revitalise the skins appearance. Paprika rejuvenates the skin, improving clarity and smoothness, leaving the skin supple, soft and rosy.

Turmeric Energizing Treatment

This 3-in-1 flash facial combines a warming treatment, exfoliant and mask to reveal a glowing skin. The supercharged powder-to-mousse formula uses zeolite to draw out impurities and paprika to invigorate the skin, while kaolin clay purifies and turmeric leaves a brighter appearance.

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