At Eminence as you may already know our products are fresh, fragrant and colourful. This is because we use a fruit or vegetable in its whole natural state. Instead of taking out the stem cell from the apple we use the whole apple. This is done because the fruit is full of enzymes and vitamins that work in harmony together in our bodies. If we take just one section of that fruit and leave the rest out you don’t get the full benefit of the fruit, or the vitamin you’re trying to use. This makes our formulations a very simple philosophy that actually works. This is where you get colour, smell and pulp in Eminence products. Some of the latest fruits and extracts to join the Eminence family are;

Lime – an antioxidant, it supplies high levels of vitamin C, combats free radicals and protects skin

Vanilla – Calming, soothing, improves circulation

Persimmon – an antioxidant. Supplies high levels of vitamin A, firms and hydrates the skin

Cantaloupe – an antioxidant and a gentle exfoliant. Supplies high levels of vitamin C, hydrates and enhances skin elasticity

Jasmine – a nutrient and antioxidant. Supplies the skin with carotenoids and vitamins C and P (vitamin P enhances and helps absorb vitamin C), nourishes the skin

Tangerine – an antioxidant. Promotes healing and repair of skin and is a source of vitamins C, B and folic acid

(all the above ingredients are available in our Age Defying range as per last weeks blog)

As you can see, each of those ingredients has several functions instead of just one. This makes the creams active, complex, and able to work in harmony with the skin, making them more effective. Doctors, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists have been long advocates on using whole food as medicine for the body.  So it makes sense to apply the same principal to your skin, as it is our largest living organ. Unlike aromatherapy oils that are highly concentrated, Eminence products safe for everyone to use, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not to mention, as it is a whole food product, Eminence is excellent for sensitive or sensitised skin types, as there are no skin irritants in the formulation.

So for healthy skin all you need to do is feed it, simple really.

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