chocolate valentineCHOCOLATE, schokolade chocolat, choklad or cioccolato – no matter what language, it simply sounds like LOVE! Want to give you the wonderful woman in your life chocolate this Valentines? (wonderful women = mums, sisters, girlfriends and sweethearts, they all qualify!)

We suggest you ditch the box of chocolates and cover her in it! Wearable food is nothing new, in fact, Eminence Organics has built our entire product range on food-based ingredients, found in nature and 100% organic.

Aside from being delicious, and jam packed with antioxidants; Dark Chocolate has countless other properties that the face of your sweetheart will find simply delicious. We list the 4 key beauty benefits of using chocolate on your face below, in hope of dispelling the myth that chocolate is the cause of problem skin rather than the remedy!

Key Beauty Benefits of ‘Wearing’ Chocolate

#1 Chocolate is rich in Vitamin A and E, aiding the repair of dry skin.

#2 Chocolate shields against UV rays.

#3 Chocolate erases fine lines and wrinkles.

#4 Chocolate aids in managing acne.

In all, dark chocolate can be an excellent skin-detoxifier while repairing and rejuvenating normal to dry skin types. Your Valentine will truly love the nourishing feeling of our Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque, which contains 70% cocoa and is high in the antioxidant, flavanols. The masque is also jam-packed with moisturising oils like Macadamia Nut, Almond, Jojoba and Ginseng to condition and hydrate the skin.

For an extra special present, pair up Chocolate Masque with a Sweet Red Rose Treatment and your one true love can create her own unique blend of beauty. See our Mixology tips here:

Alternatively for a perfect love match, combine our Valentine’s Day offer of a ‘free gift with purchase’ and give her a strawberry and chocolate surprise. Grab the Strawberry Rhubarb Masque as your free gift this month and take a scoop of each masque for a chocolate and strawberry delight. Now that’s love!

For totally covering your beloved in chocolate, we have extended our chocolate search to include our next favourite topics – fashion! Eminence is in the spotlight again at New York Fashion Week so it’s ‘top of mind’ for us and tremendously exciting. We went on the hunt for some chocolate fashion, and nothing beats the world famous chocolate event Salon du Chocolat featuring stunning couture outfits inspired by chocolate – take a peak!

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Give your Valentine chocolate on Friday 14th February by adding it to her beauty regimen – she will love you for it! Tell us which skin benefit of chocolate you were most surprised to find out about…

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