So how did everyone’s holiday season go? I’m guessing you survived and are slowly getting back into the swing of work, but don’t worry you’re not the only one, back to work blues are a genuine phenomena. Unfortunately there’s no avoiding going back to work (unless of course you’re making a radical life change!) but what I’m interested in knowing is when the last time you exfoliated or gave yourself a quick facial was? Or even went to the salon? I’m going to share something scary… I gave myself a quick facial over the weekend and as I removed my exfoliating masque my wash cloth was the colour of my makeup, eek! Yep, I had in ground dirt and makeup in my skin from about a month of neglect, sunscreen, heavy makeup for parties and the odd couldn’t be bothered taking it off when I wandered in at 4am (yes we are all human).

So! Time to detox people! This can be really simple and you can do it with products you may already have at home or just use one of our starter kits, I recommend Anti-Aging Box HOT or Detox Collection Tube. If you haven’t experienced using one of our HOT masques that contain Paprika, now is a time to give it a go (unless you have very sensitive skin) this will help you detox from the inside out, you can read more about Paprika in another blog post here.

Anti-Aging Box HOT  RRP $125

Detox Collection Tube  RRP $115

While we’re on the subject, how are your insides? A lot of my friends are doing alcohol free for a period of time at the moment, or alcohol free weekdays. Personally I’m doing alcohol free week days and a gentle 5 day cleanse next week. It’s important to let your body recover from the festivities, sticking to real unprocessed foods and eliminating sweets and desserts for a while is also a good idea. Remember if you have concerns about your wellbeing or diet; see your local nutritionist, naturopath, acupuncturist or other health professional.

Happy detoxing everyone!

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