Posted with permission from “The Veronicas” Facebook page

As you know, Lis and I are very selective about what we put ON and INTO our bodies!
We love to share when we find brands & companies doing GREAT things for progressing organic & earth conscious living!!

When it comes to food, health, skincare & hair care, we try to stay as close to organic, high quality, raw as possible!
And its important that we support brands that DO NO TEST ON ANIMALS or that use ingredients connected to animal cruelty!!

Because of this reason, we choose only to share with you what we truly believe in on a health conscious and earth conscious level!
We don’t post on this kind of thing a lot, but when we do its because we truly believe it deserves a shout out and our LOVE

We discovered Eminence Organic Skin Care Australia through a friend in the USA, and have LOVED it ever since we started.
Just so you guys know, we are NOT endorsed by any company, we simply follow our hearts, and truly believe in the integrity of sharing the love for companies, Brands and products we truly believe in!


We are HUGE fans of the beautiful Jessica and Lisa Marie of The Veronicas(and check out their GORGEOUS GLOWING SKIN!) and it seems the girls are sending the love back our way:

I honestly could not be happier!

I am going to make another order actually, because my sister has been sharing all my products with me, so it’s been used up very quickly! haha.

I ADORE the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturiser, the Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturiser and the Strawberry Rhubarb Masque! I am absolutely going to order those in my next order!!

Thank you again for your time, advice and generosity Tamara.
It means a lot to Lisa and I to find very truly effective, and health conscious products. Eminence is such a blessing in that way. So thank you again for going above and beyond to help us. Truly grateful.



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