As I write this the mercury is rising as a heat wave sweeps Australia. We have had a cool start to the season, but if these last couple of days are anything to go by it’s going to be a long, hot summer. To protect your delicate skin and avoid being fried to a crisp we have some solutions for summer skin care.

Firstly, wear sunscreen. My favourite summer day cream and our highest SPF to wear is our Persimmon and Cantaloupe Day Cream. It’s nice and light so suitable for all skin types from oily to dry and doesn’t leave that horrible greasy feeling. It smells amazing and mineral makeup just glides on over it!

Persimmon & Canteloupe Day Cream

Secondly, wash your face! This December season is exhausting with Christmas trade and parties going on, there will be a few days where you go straight from the office to a party and want to fall into bed around mid-night. I know it’s soooo tempting to not wash your face ‘just once’ but that one night can age you by 2 years the next day from being suffocated in the summer heat over night. To stay looking fresh and save your skin, a quick cleanse over the basin with a cloth will save dark puffy eyes and dull skin for the rest of the week, Stone Crop Gel Wash is a versitile gel cleanser that is easily used in a cloth and is nice and cooling. Stay bright!

Stone Crop Gel Wash

Thirdly, use a calming moisturiser in the evenings, especially if you’ve caught a bit of sun during the day. This will help your skin repair and recover overnight. A couple of great options are Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel for oily skin, or burnt skin, it is also available in a larger body version to take the sting out of sun burn. For dryer skin the Jasmine Tangerine Age Defying Night Cream is a great option, it’s nice and fresh for summer, penetrates the skin and is full of anti-aging and calming ingredients.

Aloe Mint Hydrating Gel Face       Jasmine Tangerine Age Defying Night Cream

Lastly I suggest using a natural mineral makeup. The Organic Beauty Collection is a great lighter option for summer which hydrates, provides a tint and contains sunscreens. To finish the look we have some pressed mineral powder to keep shine at bay and mineral illuminators to give your skin a lovely glow. Our new tinted lip glosses are available in three fun shades; strawberry kiss, plum kiss spice and spice kiss give a hint of colour and lovely shine.

Orgnic Beauty

Enjoy the beginnings of summer and I’ll be giving helpful advice throughout the ‘silly season’!

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