Finding your perfect skincare routine can be challenging at the best of times, but during pregnancy this can be even greater! You may find that your skin changes and can suddenly behave completely differently. Fear not! To overcome these challenges read on and discover our top skincare recommendations. Remember to always consult your doctor before introducing any new products or treatments. 

The First Trimester: Soft, Hydrated Skin

For some expectant mums the promised pregnancy glow can be completely missed, and you may find dry and irritated skin instead. Eminence Organics National Trainer Rae Williams shares: “Hormonal changes can heavily impact on the skin. It can mean skin is more prone to dryness and may feel uncomfortable or is easily irritated.” To combat this, Rae suggests using a gentle, oil-based cleanser like our Stone Crop Cleansing Oil coupled with a soothing oil like our Facial Recovery Oil. This will help lock in that extra moisture and ensure your skin is feeling nourished and comfortable. To help minimise dehydration, introducing the Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment into your routine is a must. This beautiful night cream contains unique melt-in-spheres of jojoba oil, that not only comforts but leaves your skin soft and dewy. 


The Second and Third Trimester: Body Care & Aromatherapy 

As your pregnancy progresses and you start to show, the skin around your stomach area starts to stretch. For some this can result in stretch marks, however, not everyone develops them. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day and incorporate a rich, moisturising product around your stomach area. One of our favourite Eminence products to ease the skin stretching is Apricot Body Oil. This product uses grapeseed, jojoba, apricot kernel extract, and seabuckthorn oils to create a rich nourishing oil that absorbs beautifully into the skin. Applying this body oil helps nourish and replenish the skin with moisture. For a luxurious, at-home treatment, mix a few drops of this body oil with our Coconut Firming Body Lotion. This will minimise the visible impact of stretch marks and also soothe irritated or dry skin. 

If you find yourself struggling with lingering nausea or a change in your mood and sleeping patterns, rest assured these are only a few things to ‘expect when you’re expecting’. Using essential oils and herbs is a natural way to address these issues. According to Fit Pregnancy “in the second and third trimesters, some essential oils are safe to use, as your baby is more developed”. Some oils to calm the mind, relax the body, and encourage sleep include lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. As with any of our recommendations, please consult your doctor before trying aromatherapy at home. Pregnancy symptoms and sensitivities are unique to each individual, and as such it is important to always stay safe. 

A simple way to include aromatherapy in your life is to add natural fragrance to your skincare routine. Our top pick is the Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate. This is a beautiful lotion that adds a lightweight dose of moisture to your evening skincare routine. It deeply hydrates and replenishes the skin with beautiful ingredients such as shea butter, argan, and jojoba oils. Your skin will thank you for it in the morning after a good night’s sleep and a radiant morning glow.

During and After Pregnancy: Clear, Smooth Skin

Hormonal acne can fluctuate throughout your pregnancy and during breastfeeding and can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Rae says “Hormones can also cause the glands in your skin to produce more sebum which will make your skin feel greasier and can lead to more issues such as acne. Every skin responds differently”. The ‘pregnancy hormones’ HCG and progesterone increase the number of oil glands in your face. While this can cause that coveted pregnancy glow, the excess oil may also clog pores, causing a surge of hormonal breakouts. After giving birth, your estrogen levels drop and your testosterone levels increase. As the body tries to regulate itself, there can be an excessive increase in pimples. Rae recommends our Eight Greens Collection as these products include yucca extract containing phytoestrogens. These products are ideal for reducing the appearance of hormonal blemishes with the added benefit of anti-ageing properties. 

“Hormones can also cause the glands in your skin to produce more sebum which will make your skin feel greasier and can lead to more issues such as acne. Every skin responds differently”

Rae Williams

National Trainer

The Eight Greens Youth Serum helps absorb excess oil, improving the appearance of hormonal breakouts, and keeps the skin feeling young and smooth, with just one to two drops. The Eight Greens Whip Moisturiser helps to balance the skin while calming any red, dry areas. The final member of the eight greens collection is the Eight Greens Phyto Masque (Not Hot). This is an amazing weekly treatment for both pregnant and nursing mums. To use this gel masque, apply a thin layer all over your face to target dry, sensitive, and problem skin types. Your skin will be left glowing without any of the spiciness found in our Eight Greens Phyto Masque (Hot)

Do you have any experience using Eminence Organics during your pregnancy? Are there any specific products or treatments that you thought made a big impact on your skin? Find us on Instagram @eminenceaust and let us know! 

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