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Decision-making for one is easy, but when it’s for two everything takes on a different meaning as you think about what is best for baby (aka goodbye coffee!).

When you first fall pregnant, there seems to be so much to learn about the ‘dos and don’ts’ during pregnancy. There are certain foods you can’t eat, and in time your exercise regime will need changing. Also with the abundance of chemicals in our lives, considering what you put into and onto your body is another area for concern.

Because some skin care ingredients can cross into your bloodstream, many women opt to go natural in their skincare regimen while they are pregnant and breastfeeding.
If this is you, we’ve created a list of bump-approved products for use during pregnancy and beyond.

  1. Best for Your Daily Skin Care
    As your body devotes itself to growing a little person, your skin can take a punishing! Make sure you invest in a nourishing daily moisturiser and take time out once a week to use a masque for extra hydration. We recommend Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser and Blueberry Soy Repair Masque.
  2. Best for Your Super Dry Areas
    Feel like your skin is not living up to the ‘pregnancy glow’? Dry skin was the most common concern identified by our readers in our mum-to-be survey. A pregnancy safe product our customers love is Linden Calendula Treatment Cream – it will help you get your glow back on!
  3. Best for Your Stretch-Marks
    Don’t stress over the stretch! Both baby and belly will love Apricot Body Oil, which work at restoring your skin’s natural elasticity and assist in healing your skin to reduce scarring. Of course, it’s free of parabens, dyes and phthalates and safe to use on every skin type.
  4. Best for Your Breakouts
    The changing estrogen levels in your body can wreak havoc on previously pristine skin. We recommend our natural skin care collection, Eight Greens Youth Serum and Eight Green Whip Moisturiser. These are both go-to products for managing your hormonal breakouts. If your pregnancy-induced acne persists, see your dermatologist or doctor.
  5. Best for Your Pigmentation
    With pregnancy can come hyperpigmentation or darkened patches of skin on your face and body. Our Bright Skin Collection provides a complete daily regimen to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Eminence Skin Care use the very best organic ingredients to create premium and luxurious body care products. Our skincare and body product range is safe for all women during every stage of pregnancy, lactation and beyond. As with all personal care products, we recommend consulting your doctor to determine whether which ingredients are going to be suitable for use during your pregnancy as each individual is unique.

Check out our full range of products online or view other mum-to-be products here.

For a professional skin and body treatment, visit your nearest Eminence Organics Spa where they will tailor the products to suit your individual needs.

What’s been the most difficult thing for you to give up while pregnant?

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