Rethink Your Routine: 3 Signs You Need to Update Your Skin Care

Rethink Your Routine: 3 Signs You Need to Update Your Skin Care

After sticking to the same skin care routine for a while, you might find yourself wondering if you should change it up. What were the perfect products for your skin once upon a time, may need a bit of a rethink.

‘But why?’ I hear you cry. ‘I spent so long figuring out my routine the first time and now you’re saying I have to do it all over again?’ Remember that skin is a living organ and, like all living things, will naturally change and evolve over time.

You also need to consider that as time passes, your environment, diet and stress levels may change, and these do have an impact on the way your skin behaves. It may be time to update your routine if…

...You Moved

With the weather playing such a large role in how your skin
behaves, if you’ve made a sea change recently or you’ve packed up and moved cities, it may be time to reconsider your routine. Moving from a sunny state to 24/7 sweater weather will change the way your skin reacts to the environment.

In a colder climate you may find your skin starts to lose moisture and become dry. To combat this, add a high-performance product to your routine like the Facial Recovery Oil to help soothe your skin and restore the balance. If you are dealing with the opposite and humidity is now the bane of your existence, carry a Lime Refresh Tonique when you’re on the go. Spritz throughout the day to keep the shine away!

...Your Skin Concern Has Changed

Once upon a time, the fear of a pimple popping up ruled your life. But with a dedicated skin care routine and carefully selected products (with the right active ingredients, of course), breakouts are now a thing of the past.

I hear you ask: ‘but doesn’t that mean my routine is working and I shouldn’t make any changes?’ While your skin may have been prone to breakouts five years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s still the case. In fact, most people experience breakouts at some point in their life, however, many find that it is not an ongoing skin concern.

If you’ve been treating the same concern for years, it might be time to consider what other concerns you would like to address. It’s never too early to start protecting your skin and loading up on antioxidants. It’s good practice to reassess your skin every 3-4 months and reconsider your areas of focus.

...You Are Bored

Repeat after me: skin care should be fun. If you’re finding your enthusiasm for your routine has been lacking as of late, it’s time to mix it up! There are over 100 different products in the Eminence range. That’s 100 different ingredient combinations, textures, and scents for you to experiment with, including a spicy hot range.

Try our Lime Stimulating Masque to reinvigorate your skin and load up on Vitamin C. Spicy nettle will oxygenate your blood and reduce skin fatigue leaving you with a restored radiance and no dull skin in sight.

Also! Remember, you can mix different products together for a whole new Eminence experience. Keep the Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster Serum in your daily routine but try layering the Mangosteen Resurfacing Concentrate on top for a photo perfect finish.


Are you getting excited yet? There are so many amazing Eminence products to explore so don’t settle for a routine you developed years ago. Regularly assess your skin concerns and make sure to address any changes you notice in your skin.

If you’re still not quite sure how to update your routine or what your skin needs, visit one of our beautiful Eminence spas or salons for some expert advice!