Growing a little person is a big job for your body. Before, during and after your pregnancy will have hormones running riot, and as a result, your skin can dramatically change so your regular skin care routine will need to change too!

In a popular post last week, Food for Your Face Friday, we looked at the amazing Naseberry fruit and its wonderful properties that can benefit mums-to-be and new mums. We also asked you to share your skin concerns and had an overwhelming response.

A quick count up of the common skin complaints shared by many wonderful women revealed some interesting insights. Here’s what you said:

The top skin complaint for pregnant and new mums was dry skin, with a whopping 37% feeling this was their key issue. This was closely followed by blemishes and breakouts – thanks hormones!

Oily Skin came in at 12% and those pesky stretch marks bothered about 8% of women who were pregnant or have just given birth. Not far behind was the feeling of having lost that pregnancy glow with dull skin noted by 7% of women who responded.

Other concerns of mums included:

6%  Sensitive Skin
4%  Redness
1%  Dark Circles Under Eyes
1%  Pigmentation
1%  Eczema
1%  Cracked Nipples from Breastfeeding

To help you get your new skin back into shape, our fantastic therapists have matched each of your concerns with a recommended Eminence product in an easy reference table below. 

calendula pregnant skincare

Dry Skin

Perfect for the time poor mum, the Linden Calendula Treatment Cream can be either a sleep-in a masque for an overnight treatment, or a rich night cream… ideal for super dry skin types.


eight greens whip for pregnant skincare


To balance out hormonal acne from progesterone, we recommend Eminence’s Eight Greens Youth Serum and Moisturiser.

It takes approximately 90 days for your skin to completely regenerate to see full results. While nothing is a quick fix, using natural ingredients and having a little patience, your skin should improve within a reasonable time frame.


pregnant skin care with citrus

Oily Skin

Citrus Exfoliating Wash is perfect in the shower for oily skin as the steam enhances the benefits of the product! Great for getting heavy makeup off quickly which is a must to keep your skin looking clear and fresh.

pregnant skincare apricot oil

Stretch Marks

Apricot Body Oil or our Coconut Firming Body Lotion can help to counteract potential stretch marks.

Firethorn Treatment Cream is another alternative, being great for breast and tummy areas during and after birth to support stressed skin.

Dull Skin - Lost that Pregnancy Glow

For a super skin pep-up, you can’t beat our Almond & Mineral Treatment. Gently exfoliate with finely crushed almonds to uncover gorgeous skin that feels soft and supple. Paprika extracts leave the skin invigorated and rosy; while ground ivy tones make pores appear tighter – bringing back that glow!


Sensitive Skin

Check out our top rated product for sensitive skin, the Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser. Finish your beauty routine with Calm Skin Moisturiser or our soothing Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream Gel.


Couperose-C Soothing Serum is our go-to for redness and rosacea. Brimming with beneficial herbs, this serum immediately soothes upset skin with rosehip and quince apple while menthol and camphor cools skin dried by the elements. Use daily for 3-4 weeks for a complexion that is comforted, smooth and calm with increased resistance to environmental factors.


Dark Circles Under Eyes

Look like you have been up all night? Apart from an energising Herbal Tea pick me up, try our Naseberry Eye Exfoliant and our Cucumber Eye Gel.


bright skin masque & pregnant skin care


Dark spots be gone with Bright Skin, a complete daily regime including a nourishing milk cleanser, a rich masque, and a brightening moisturiser with sunscreens which can help fade the appearance of hyper-pigmented and uneven skin tone. 

linden calendula skincare for pregnant mums


Our Calendula Oil and Linden Calendula Treatment Cream is a must have for people with eczema! Calendula a moisturising oil with alpha and beta carotenoids to nurture the skin providing softness and lasting comfort. See our recent blog about Eczema for more product choices.

pregnant skin care

Cracked Nipples from Breastfeeding

We also recommend Calendula Oil as a Nipple Balm for nursing mums. The ingredients are natural and clean enough once absorbed that baby can latch on without worry.

Looking for something specific to fill a gap in your beauty regime? Check out the Eminence Product Selector where you can quickly match your skin type or skin concern to a specific product by category.

baby expo brisbaneDon’t forget, to celebrate the upcoming Pregnancy and Baby Expo, we have put together some Mummy Packs, a great baby shower gift idea or simply a pamper pack for a mum-to-be. Remember, the entire Eminence range is organic and completely safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. These gorgeous bundle packs contain a cleanser, moisturiser and body lotion/oil each tailored for you or the mummy’s specific skin type. 

If you are heading to the Pregnancy and Baby Expo, why not grab a free ticket to the event from our website!

This year we will be attending the Expo held in Brisbane Expo, let us know below if you are coming and make sure you stop past our stand and say HI!

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