A popular phrase in the Bangkok markets, ‘same, same, but different’ is now known by many of us to represent fake or knock off product – think Versace or Chanel. But in Australia there is now a growing trend for consumers to buy products that are made by the brand manufacturer but imported through unauthorized distribution channels. This is the grey market or parallel importing, and for prestigious brands like Eminence Organic Skin Care – it’s on the increase as Australian consumers search for lower priced product online.

We understand it’s tempting to buy from third party sites that have Eminence Organic Skin Care at lower prices… BUT buying the bargain may be more than you bargained for!

What is Grey Importing, Parallel Importing or Diverting?

The most common type of grey importing is when a company not authorized by the manufacturer buys goods in a country where they retail for a lower rate, and imports them into a country where the product has a higher retail value. This is also known as parallel importing or diverting.
But we ask that you take pause and not be wooed by the “Save 60% on Eminence” headlines when you search for the Eminence Organics brand.

What are the risks using grey imported skin care or cosmetics?

1. Stock may be close to its expiry date

Remember our product is organic and not loaded with chemical preservatives (which is why you love it!), so discounted stock may be close to its expiry date if bought as an end of line deal in another country and then sent to Australia. Also, because we use natural ingredients, our skin care products do not have the same shelf-life if the product is incorrectly stored during shipping or when warehoused.

2. Your skin, your safety

Grey or parallel imported products can be counterfeit, contain diluted formulas, may be old or expired formulas – generally unsafe to use on your skin!

3. Limited product range

Third party distributors tend to have limited product lines as they bulk buy specific products. You may not be saving if you need to order from a number of suppliers to replenish your Eminence Organic Skin Care range. Why not just grab everything you need in one location!

4. Stock may be discontinued

The cosmetic chemists at Eminence Organics are always developing new organic skin care products, especially for common skin concerns. Make sure you are using the most current products for your skin and take advantage of advances in organic skin care research and up-to-the minute formulations.

5. Limited or no professional advice

Whether you are buying online through the official Eminence Organics website or directly from our Spa Partners, you can be sure to receive the best skin care advice. Call us prior to purchasing your skin care products, receive an online skin assessment or a professional skin diagnostic at a salon – our goal is to find the correct product for your specific skin type while targeting your concerns, and not to simply just sell products.

6. No after sales support or return policy

Most unauthorized distributors will be happy to sell you the products but will not make returning the products easy if you claim your product is faulty or tampered with or you have had any kind of reaction.

How do I find an authorised dealer of Eminence Organics Skincare?

To find an authorised dealer of Eminence Organic Skin Care, please visit our Spa Locator.
Should Eminence Organic Skin Care be available from stores not listed as Spa Partners, we suggest they are parallel importers and hope that you decide not to jeopardize the quality of your Eminence skin care products by using an unauthorised stockist.

For our Spa Partners and customers who support the genuine Eminence Organics products sold through approved distribution channels – thank you! We remain a Spa and Salon professional brand and are committed to delivering our premium organic skincare products to you.

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