Yep, we all need a lift occasionally. There is nothing worse than looking in mirror and feeling like your skin is heading south, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, and you start to wonder where that miracle cream is to stop this process! The bad news is there isn’t really a miracle cream that works as much as we would like. There are deeper things going on in the skin to do with muscle tone and elasticity that a cream just usually can’t support. The good news is there is a better non invasive answer which I recently discovered.

There’s a new device on the Australian market called NuFace. I realise that recently the market has been flooded with hand held gizmos, each promising skin refining, product penetration and anti aging benefits. But this one is different, dubbed as ‘Pilates for the face’ I had to check it out. It is based on micro current, which is a unique treatment that actually works to lift and tone the facial muscle. Given that muscle is the basis for keeping all skin firm, this sounds pretty awesome. I am lucky enough to have one of these devices; it’s small and runs off a 9 volt battery. Hmmm, this is going to be interesting. I follow the instructions, apply my serums, then conductivity gel and start my ‘lifting’ moves following the muscle structure in my face. I’m surprised that I get a slight metallic taste in my mouth when I go over my cheek, this is typical of professional micro current and galvanic treatments, as I lift higher on my cheek I also see I slight flicker. This small device must be doing something, given it feels like I’m having a professional in-salon treatment. I finish with lifting movement around my eyes and up my brow, spending a little more time here as I want to look more ‘awake’.

When I finish I wash off the conductivity gel and examine my skin. Yes it definitely looks tighter, and feels tighter, especially around my jaw, cheek bone contour and eyes. I go out to my partner who tells me I’m looking well, what have I been doing in the bathroom for the last 10 minutes?!

So I figure if my partner notices, who wouldn’t usually notice if I dyed my hair pink, the result must be pretty good. The best thing about this device is I can get a professional micro current lift treatment at home, every day if I wish, without having to trek to the salon twice a week at $120 each visit! That’s good enough for me!


For more information on this nifty device click here. It comes in pink and white, I’m quite keen on the pink 🙂

You can also get an advanced Professional Treatment in salon, usually incorporated with an in-salon pro facial

The serums are amazing, all natural, no chemicals, and they feel beautifully silky smooth!

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