At Eminence we love all things natural and organic, especially when it comes to our skin care.

So why is natural skin care so important for our health? What does toxicity in our body actually do and if it’s so bad why is it allowed to be stocked on every supermarket shelf? It’s true that it won’t poison you after one use, the toxins are so small that they are deemed perfectly safe for human use. The problem is that we are only just starting to discover that toxins are building up in our tissues. For example carcinogens like talc are being found in breast cancer.

This brings me to hormones. Have you noticed that fertility issues are in abundance for women these days? Infertility is so common that everybody seems to be talking about it, the average age for girls to start their first periods is now 10, not 12 and it seems every woman struggles with menopause. The body is run by your endocrine system, which is ruled by your hormones. Fertility, weight and most functions of the body are controlled by your hormones. One of the biggest problems we face is the onslaught of xenoestrogens in food and personal care. Xenoestrogens mimic your natural oestrogen supply which throws everything out of balance; they exist in most plastics, industrial chemicals (which are also put in our personal care) and some foods like soy, wheat, coffee, and hops in beer.

So here’s a quick guide to avoid xenoestrogens to help improve your hormone health:

Only store food in either glass or BPA free plastic contains. NEVER heat up food in plastic containers, put it on a plate first. Avoid drinking bottled water, grab a glass or stainless steel drink bottle instead and fill it with filtered water.

Avoid processed foods, eat only fresh food from natural sources like grass fed beef or wild caught salmon. Keep your intake of non fermented GMO soy, coffee, hormone treated meats and wheat to a minimum to avoid an over load of estrogenic activity, which throws your natural oestrogen out of balance.

Use natural household cleaners. There are plenty available on the market, or if they’re too expensive to traditional cleaners, bicarb soda, vinegar and a few drops of eucalyptus go a long way!

Finally use natural skin care. Not just for your face but also think about your shampoo and conditioner and body washes. Are you dousing yourself in a chemical cocktail every day?

At Eminence we guarantee that all our products are 100% chemical free, organic and biodynamically farmed in Hungary so they are not contributing to toxicity levels in the body. We even have a plant based range called Eight Greens that is a phytoestrogen (meaning it’s from a natural plant source) which assist in balancing out hormone imbalances in the skin topically. Hormonal imbalances appear in the skin as acne, even on dry skin, around the chin and jaw line. This skin condition is notoriously hard to treat without the correct products and internal care. The best way to combat this imbalance is combine professional spa treatments using a stimulating treatment that contains paprika to flush out the toxins in the skin. Ongoing homecare with our Eight Green collection combined with advice and internal supplements from a professional naturopath or other alternative health practitioner.

Shop the collection here:

Eight Greens Phyto Masque HOT and NOT HOT Both RRP $91

masque_eightgreensphyto (2)

Eight Greens Youth Serum RRP $69

8GreensYouthSerum HR

Eight Greens Whip Moisturiser RRP $105

Eight Greens Moisturizer

For a complete regime team with:

Lemon Cleanser RRP $57

cleanser_lemon (2)
Almond and Mineral Treatment RRP $79

treat_almondmineral HR (2)

Want to just try it out first? Our Anti Aging Gift Box HOT includes 15ml sizes of the collection, including a full size serum for great value! RRP $125

antiaging starter kit

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