Mixology Masterclass with EminenceOur skin is the first to tell us when we have not been kind to our bodies; it’s a built-in barometer to our overall health. Poor diet, a few too many wines or a stressful week at work can play havoc with your skin. Even external environmental changes, such as the weather, can impact our skin condition.

Take back the power over your skin with Eminence and mixology. In this Mixology Masterclass, we give you the tips and tricks on how to mix up your skincare favourites to create a unique formula specific to your individual skin needs.

What is Mixology

Mixology is the art of blending two products together in order to further customize your skin care. It gives you the added benefit of treating your specific skin condition while also addressing your skin type. Don’t collect a cupboard full of products for every season when you can simply mix your own as your skin needs change.

Tip 1: Use organic and natural ingredients.

Get creative with naturally derived ingredients so you can confidently avoid any adverse reactions that can occur when blending chemically based products. The entire Eminence Organics range of skin and body products is based on naturally derived products, grown organically in Hungary, and chosen for their beautifying and skin-loving properties.


Tip 2: Use flavoured herbal tea instead of water to dilute your dermafoliant

Always dilute your dermafoliant with warm water to a consistency that will suite your skin. For sensitive skin types, using more water will reduce the friction and result in a softer application. Why not go a step further and use herbal tea for added aroma and skin calming. Alternatively, mix the product with a little bit of cleanser to make your exfoliator gentler on the skin.

Tip 3: Blend products from similar ingredient families or application types.

Look at families of ingredients for your blends that work perfectly together, such as stone fruits. Also consider the application (eg: are you cleansing, exfoliating or using a masque) and mix up two cleansers or two masques to harness the active ingredients that will work best with your skin challenges.

Tip 4: Add a booster for extra punch in your favourite skincare product

Just add three drops of a booster serum or per application of your favourite masque or moisturiser, some of our top serums for blending include:

  1. Firm Skin Acai Booster – Fight the signs of ageing with Hyaluronic acid, Homeostatine, Bio Complex.
  2. Calm Skin Arnica Booster – Ease the signs of Rosacea with Rosehip, Arnica and chamomile.
  3. Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster – Lighten pigmentation with licorice, African potato, Gigawhite and stone crop. 
  4. Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster – Ease the signs of acne with willowbark, horsetail and tea tree.

See our complete range of oils and serums.

Tip 5: Mix it up with your weekend makeup

Give your skin a rest on the weekends from your normal makeup regime and add hydrating serum to your regular foundation for a lightweight base. Not only will this give your complexion a sheer coverage, you will have a healthy glow from all-day hydration. A perfect solution if your skin is feeling extra dry from a change in the weather!

For more ideas and inspiration, see our Mixology Monday videos and prepare to be empowered to formulate and create!
Eminence Organics will have a range of products to sample at the upcoming Vitality Expo, visit our stand to try your hand at mixing up your own blend.

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