Recently I gave advice to a friend who was suffering a hormonal imbalance but couldn’t quite put her finger on what was wrong or what to do about it. She would get splitting headaches every month, had irregular periods when not on the pill and her skin started to really freak out every month – cue major hint to hormonal imbalance! After helping her find an appropriate womens health centre that specialised in hormonal imbalances I also got to work on her skin. This way we were adopting an inside/out approach. All the facial treatments and cream in world will only do so much if there’s something going on inside. Being in tune with your body will help you recognise this. Skin is also a big indicator of deeper stuff going on in the body, if your beauty therapist is good she’ll be able to see this straight away and recommend you to an appropriate integrated health professional.But back to hormones. Hormonal acne can be the trickiest thing to treat. It is often confused with normal acne, and I have seen several skin professionals diagnose clients onto ‘oily skin’ treatments, with terrible results. Often the client does not have oily skin and only breaks out on the chin and jaw area and only once a month. The best treatment for hormonal acne (and I’m not just being biased here) that also worked for me was using a combination of Eight Greens products and detox masques that use paprika. This will really help shake up the skin and change its habits, also provide a plant based oestrogen called Yucca. This is going to help your skin re-balance itself topically while you also work on what’s going on inside.YUCCA PLANT:Hormonal Re-Balance Routine:Stone Crop Gel Wash RRP $61

Stone Crop Tonique RRP $61

Eight Greens Phyto Masque HOT (NOT HOT for sensitive skin) RRP $91

Eight Greens Youth Serum RRP $69

Eight Greens Moisturiser RRP $105

You can also purchase an intro box to get you started:

Anti-Aging Box (HOT) RRP $125

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