Take care of your skin throughout summer! Ever wondered why you go a bit pink after just ducking out to the clothes line? It takes fair skin just 2 minutes to burn! I know it can be tedious when you’re doing a spur of the moment activity over the holidays, but it will save a painful night’s sleep so you can enjoy the next day. If you are doing more than going to or from work, or going for lunch with the girls, please use an SPF 30+ that’s water resistant.

My favourite skin saver tips are….


Slip, Slop, Slap! Team a fashionable wide brimmed hat with our Persimmon & Cantaloupe Day Cream with Sunscreens

Caramel or Coco Latte Tinted Moisturisers with Sunscreens and Mineral Illuminators give a light holiday option for a sun kissed look


Aloe Mint Hydrating Cream for face and body for sun kissed (or accidently burnt) skin

Hibiscus Calendula Recovery Masque for dehydrated and burnt skin

Stone Crop Body Lotion for dehydrated, irritated and sun kissed skin


Sugar Plum Revitalising Masque for waking up your complexion, the perfect party masque!

Herbal Spot Serum for emergency breakouts

Cucumber Eye Gel for puffy eyes

Green Tea and Hemp Blotting Tissue will keep shine at bay

Beauty Tips:

No matter how tired you are don’t sleep in your makeup! This will be the quickest way to increase congestion and the risk of breakouts, during the season when you want to look your best! Use a mineral makeup to get longer coverage and avoid your makeup ‘sliding off your face’ in the heat.

I recommend Citrus Exfoliating Wash for a good clean after party makeup or greasy sunscreen at the beach. For dehydrated skin try our Coconut Milk Cleanser to soften and rehydrate partied out skin.

If you’re finding your usual moisturiser too heavy in the heat you can simply customise it with a few drops of water to make the texture lighter, this is an easy money saving way to make your moisturiser go further.

Remember the last days to get your orders in for 2011 for delivery before Christmas are:

QLD — 19th December

NSW — 16th December

VIC & TAS — 15th December

SA & WA — 14th December

Enjoy the silly season, and have a safe and happy holidays!

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