Tis’ the season! To overeat, blow the diet, get burnt to a crisp and return to work in 2012 exhausted and broke. Not if you follow my quick checklist below. As there are plenty of holiday tips this is part 1 and tomorrow I will follow up with part 2 on skin savers. I hope you enjoy my tips and your holidays!

Healthy Party Survival Tips:








Don’t arrive at parties hungry. Be selective of canapés, avoid fried canapés and go for the fresh options such as sushi, prawns, olives, even cheese is better than a spring roll.


















For dips swap crackers and bread for vegetables like carrot and celery. Put apple and grapes on your cheese plate, a yummy way to eat fruit!

















Keep desserts light and healthy, based on fruit. Summer is a great fruit season, and fruit is naturally sweet so accompany it with natural yoghurt for a healthy option.

Watch your drinks, avoid ‘top ups’ from roving waiters so you can keep track of your drinks and drink water.

















Add citrus fruit like lemon, lime and orange plus mint to chilled water in jugs kept the fridge for a healthy drink option to cut down on sugary drinks like soft drink, cordials and fruit juices in the heat.

Keep your normal exercise routine, it’ll keep off excess weight and give you the energy to survive the party season






Supplements are a great idea to keep the energy levels, and support your liver. Ask your local health food shop what they recommend. I also find that finishing the night at home with a peppermint tea eases stomach acid from rich food and alcohol.

















Put aside some time each week throughout the season for ‘you’ time to re-coup, this could involve your exercise routine, keeping up the yoga class or spending an evening in with a good book, this will avoid holiday ‘burn out’











Stick to your budget! Remember it’s a high spending season with presents for others, paying for travel and possibly accommodation to see family and plenty of spending opportunities trawling country boutiques. If you can, get December rent and bills paid before you go away, and leave yourself a spending allowance, even if you put it in a separate account. This way you will be able to keep track of your holiday money, and enjoy it stress fee!


















Enjoy your time with family and friends and be grateful. xo

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