I love travelling to Melbourne for work. Not only do I get to visit some of the best destination spas in Australia, I get to soak up the food, the fashion, the culture, and well, the food. One of my biggest vices are French pastries, this includes Macaroons. I seem to be on an endless hunt for the perfect Macaroon (Adriano Zumbo in Balmian, Sydney is the best found so far). So when my friend offered to take me to one of the best pastry produces on Lygon St I couldn’t wait! As I eyed off the neat rows of Macaroons, I got thinking about sweets and how and why people have different sugar consuming habits. Personally, sweets have to be real, handmade, not mass produced, and artificial sweetener free. If they’re not I can taste it, and it ruins the experience. Not everyone one is as in tune with their taste buds, or as aware of what they are eating, and that’s fine, but if people become more aware, then it could make a real difference to their health. For example, are people aware of what is in sugar substitutes or ‘sugar free’ foods? Does the greater population know how highly processed white sugar is? So as a guide, I thought I’d give a little run down on different sugars and where they come from.

Bad Sugar

White Sugar – our most common form of sugar consumed. It is called sucrose and this is actually highly refined from raw sugar, and a chemical compound. The whiteness of the sugar is achieved by refining and clarifying the sugar, all of which are chemical processes. Sucrose is a quick form of energy, but if not used through exercise will convert into fat in the body, it also causes tooth decay.

Artificial Sweeteners – have the same sweetness (or higher) as sugar with less food energy, but are also chemical compounds and carcinogenic to the body, causing cancers and heart disease. These artificial sweeteners are found in ‘diet’ drinks, ‘fat free’ foods, and as sugar substitutes to add to tea and coffee.

Good Sugar

Raw Sugar –sugar cane juice turned into granules for easy transport. Less refined and more in a natural state than white sugar, reducing the chemical process making it a better alternative to white sugar for tea, coffee and cooking. But being a simple sugar it will still raise glucose levels in the blood quickly that can cause problems for diabetics or people struggling with their weight.

Honey – a natural whole food, which humans are designed to ingest. Generally honey goes through no chemical refining processes, it’s pure from the hive. Making it a great alternative to sugar in tea and cooking.

Natural Sweetener – Stevia – derived from herbs instead of chemicals, it is 300 times sweeter than sugar, so you only need a small amount. Stevia has a slower onset and longer duration than sugar, with minimal effect on blood glucose.

But remember, everything in moderation.

Body Sugar

The best sugar for you is the type you use to exfoliate your skin. Low in calories, and leaves your skin glowing. Eminence sugar scrubs are sticky and sweet so they stick to your skin while you’re using them, minimising mess and easy to use in the shower. Leaving your skin soft and hydrated.

This week we are mad about Apricot. This simple recipe will give you soft, moisturised, glowing skin.


Apricot Sugar Scrub

Apricot Body Oil


Step 1 – moisten your skin in the shower

Step 2 – step out of the running water and apply and rub the Apricot Sugar Scrub in circular motions  all over your body, rinse

Step 3 – pour a slim line of Apricot Body Oil down each arm, across your décolletage and across the top of your back, let the oil rinse all over your body

Step 4 – step out of the shower and pat your soft hydrated skin dry, enjoy glowing hydrated skin all day!

If you love Apricot, try the other Apricot products in our range as well!

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