Food For Your Face | Paprika

Food For Your Face | Paprika

Harking all the way from Hungary (much like Eminence!), paprika is a ground spice made from capsicums. Typically used to season devilled eggs, as a rub for meat, or adding to rice to season or colour, paprika is a popular spice for a reason. And if you’ve tried any of our stimulating masques, you’ll know this spice has quite an impact on the complexion. Keep reading to learn more about paprika and our top skin care picks! 

5 Food Facts

1.    Sweet, smoked, or hot – paprika comes in many flavour varieties!

2.    Did somebody say antioxidants? Fight off free radicals with this colourful spice.

3.    Certain varieties of capsicum, the hot ones especially, contain a compound called capsaicin which is thought to bind to receptors on your nerve cells, reducing inflammation and pain.

4.    Cooking tip time! Add paprika towards the end of your preparation. Colour and flavour diminish as it is cooked so keep things vibrant by adding it in at the very end!

5.    Help prevent hair loss with a bit of spice in your diet. Paprika is a great source of Vitamin B6 which helps facilitates the transfer of oxygen to hair follicles. 

5 Fun Facts

1.    Paprika is so popular in Hungary there is even a museum dedicated to the spice in the town Kaloscsa.

2.    Some zoos have been known to add a bit of paprika in the flamingo’s feed to help keep their pink colour vibrant.

3.    Native Americans utilised paprika in traditional medicine to aid healing.

4.    In 1937 a Hungarian scientist, Dr. Szent-Györgyi won a Nobel prize for his research into paprika and Vitamin C.

5.    How’s this for unhinged? One advice column suggested that people with cold feet pop paprika in a pair of socks for a quick warm up! 

Face the Facts: Paprika in Skin Care


Add a bit of spice to your skin care routine with paprika! The antioxidants in paprika make it a must-have for fighting free radicals and protecting your skin. Paprika also encourages cell turnover and works to inhibit the production of melanin to brighten the complexion and lighten the appearance of dark spots.

On the surface of the skin, paprika stimulates the circulatory system and the result is immediate. Once applied your skin will tingle and start to feel warm before turning red for approximately 20-60 minutes before calming into a healthy glow. Because the circulation is increased, oxygen can enter the system more quickly and repel waste. This creates a detoxifying and oxygenated environment to leave your skin toned and glowing. 

Featured Paprika Products

Explore our skin care range today to find the perfect paprika product for your skin. Every ingredient is organically grown and handpicked from our beautiful organic farm in Hungary to ensure you are using only the best products on your skin. 

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