Food For Your Face | Lime

Food For Your Face | Lime

You know the old saying. When life gives you limes… hang on, that’s not how it goes! Great for topping desserts, making tangy salsa, or even elevating a simple glass of tap water, limes are a refreshing favourite. Keep reading to discover why we love zesty limes! 

5 Food Facts

1.    Lime is packed with the superstar antioxidant Vitamin C! Our bodies don’t naturally produce or store Vitamin C so it’s important to get your dose daily.

2.    Unlike other citrus juices, lime has a high acid content but is low in sugar.

3.    Limes contain a high level of soluble fibre, helping to regulate sugar absorption and reduce cholesterol.

4.    There are unique flavonoid compounds found in limes. Research suggests these specific flavonoids can prevent cell division in many cancer lines, showing off the impressive antibiotic powers of limes.

5.    Limes are filled with calcium, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc, making this citrus fruit an absolute powerhouse. 

5 Fun Facts

1.    While lemons float in water, limes sink!

2.    In 1767 the world’s first fizzy drink was creating by mixing fresh lime juice with bicarbonate soda.

3.    In its most concentrated form, lime juice is so acidic it can dissolve concrete.

4.    On a lime tree, bigger leaves mean smaller limes.

5.    In the mid-1700s scurvy was a widespread issue throughout the British Navy. To combat this, The Shipping Act was passed in 1867 that required all ships to carry lime or lemon juice. This is still in effect today. 

Face the Facts: Lime in Skin Care

The benefits of consuming lime are endless. But what about putting it on your face? The high levels of Vitamin C in lime make its topical application a must-do to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Lime is particularly a powerhouse ingredient for removing dead skin cells or cleansing problem skin. 

Featured Lime Products

Ready to add a touch of zest into your skin care routine? Our favourite lime products are perfect for giving you that summer glow (winter, who?) and keeping your skin cells healthy and turning over frequently to reveal a radiant complexion. 

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