Food For Your Face | Bamboo

Food For Your Face | Bamboo

As the fastest growing plant on the planet, bamboo is a renewable and sustainable source that is utilised as a building material, clothing fibre and even as a dinner ingredient! In fact, the nutritional content of bamboo ranks it in the top five most popular healthcare foods in the world. Maybe the pandas are onto something, after all! 

5 Food Facts

1.    Bamboo shoots are good for your heart, with phytosterols and phytonutrients working to dissolve cholesterol and improve the movement of blood supply throughout your body.

2.    Bamboo shoots strengthen your immune system. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, bamboo can strengthen the body from the inside out.

3.    Bamboo is known to have weight loss benefits, as well as improving appetite and digestion. It has the perfect combination of being low in fat and calories while maintaining high fibre and potassium content.

4.    Bamboo can assist in preventing cancer. According to Japanese scientists, bamboo shoots contain anti-cancer agents so incorporating them into your diet helps to eliminate the free radicals that produce carcinogens.

5.    Used for centuries in folk medicine to treat infections, bamboo’s anti-inflammatory properties assist in wound healing.

5 Fun Facts

1.    There are almost 1500 species of bamboo found across the world.

2.    With a structure stronger than steel, bamboo is widely used for construction and manufacturing.

3.    Bamboo flowers are very rare, with some types of bamboo only flowering after 65 or 120 years.

4.    When a bamboo species finally flowers, every plant across the world of the same bamboo species will also flower – all at the same time, no matter where it is growing!

5.    Bamboo actively works to clean the air and decrease greenhouse gases, releasing 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than other plants.

Face the Facts: Bamboo in Skin Care

So we know the benefits of eating bamboo and building with bamboo. But what about putting it on your face? As an ingredient in skin care, bamboo is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, perfect for fighting free radicals and helping to heal acne prone skin. This plant also works to protect and restore the outer layer of the skin and increase resilience. To minimise the visible signs of ageing, bamboo is a must have. Bamboo in rich in silica, a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water and plant sources. Silica improves the skin’s strength and elasticity by encouraging increased collagen production. It also helps improve the strength of your hair and nails, making it a head to toe beauty go-to.

Featured Bamboo Products

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