TomatoesThe answer to the long standing trivia question of “is it a fruit or vegetable” should be on the lips of every backyard gardener across Australia – the tomato being the most popular fruit grown in our vegetable gardens!

For maximum flavour, colour or nutrition it’s best to grow-your-own, check out the recommendations from the There are more than 10,000 tomato varieties available, so there is sure to be a tomato that tantalises your taste buds!

5 Food Facts: Tomatoes

  1. Tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene. Scientists think this carotenoid could be important for a healthy prostate. Tomato products can also act as an inhibitor in ?the growth of cervical, lung and breast cancer cells.
  2. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C. Choose a ‘cherry’ if you are chasing a vitamin C boost as they have more than other varieties of tomatoes!
  3. Tomatoes also contain vitamin E, folate and dietary fibre.
  4. A diet of tomato can boost procollagen levels in the skin. According to researchers, this can assist in potentially reversing the skin aging process.
  5. Eating cooked tomatoes can boost your natural UV protection. Tomatoes can function as an internal sunscreen; giving our body the ability to block UV rays more effectively. Use it as a supplement to your sunscreen, not a replacement!

5 Fun Facts: Tomatoes

  1. We love the fun tomato facts from
  2. Tomatoes are thought to originate in Peru with the Aztec word “xitomatl,” meaning “plump thing with a navel”.
  3. Introduced to Europe in the 1500s; the tomato was called “the apple of love” by the French and the Germans named it “the apple of paradise.”
  4. In the Victorian era, anyone seen publically eating a tomato was branded a ‘wolf’ and barred from attending choir practice!
  5. Tomatoes are related to eggplants, capsicums, chillies and even the potato!
  6. Tomatoes gain weight as they ripen, even after being picked.

 Face the Fact: Tomatoes

The combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in tomatoes work wonders on your skin. From treating fine lines and wrinkles to adding shine to a dull complexion, the tomato can do the trick. It’s also great for problem areas, with the amino acids in tomatoes minimising oily skin, blackheads and shrinking large pores.

 Tomato Oil-Control Gel

Tomato Oil-Control Gel

Rich in tomato and odourless garlic, this active daily hydrator helps you fight against skin oiliness and to minimise the appearance of blemishes.

Tomato Sun Cream SPF 15

Tomato Sun Cream

This moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated all day with nutritious tomato fruit extracts, tomato seed oil and aloe vera. Cooling on the skin with a minty scent this is one of our favourite day creams!



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Remember, our entire range of Organic face, skin and body products are natural – chemical free, preservative free and handmade! We look to nature for the source of our ingredients, making them so good you can literally eat them!

What’s your favourite tomato variety or growing tip?

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