limeWhether its lime oil, lime juice or lime peel – when I see limes, I think… refreshing!
With its thin skin and few seeds, limes have been revered since the 18th century for their medicinal properties. Today, the lime is used as a versatile flavour enhancer as well as providing us with delicious desserts and delicious skin care products.
Although limes may cause you to pucker up with their sour or tart taste, read on to see why we love this zesty little green fruit!

5 Food Facts: Lime

  1. A Lime is packed with immune boosting Vitamin C. As we head into the cooler months, stock up on limes for a quick and delicious warm tea when you need to fight off a cold.
  2. Limes are seen as a super food for people with diabetes and as a preventative dietary aid against heart disease and strokes. The high levels of soluble fibre found in limes help regulate sugar absorption and reduce cholesterol.
  3. Lime juice, unlike all other citrus juices, has a very high acid content, but it is low in sugar.
  4. Limes are also filled with calcium, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc.
  5. Unique flavonoid compounds found in limes have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Research indicates these specific flavonoids can stop cell division in many cancer cell lines, in addition to limes having antibiotic powers.

lime benefits

5 Fun Facts: Lime

The world’s largest distributor of lime juice shares with us some interesting facts about the lovely lime.

  1. In around 900AD the lime was brought to Egypt by Arab traders from Malaya.
  2. The world’s first fizzy drink was created when fresh lime juice was mixed with bicarbonate of soda in 1767.
  3. Lime juice, in its concentrated form, is so acidic it will even dissolve concrete!
  4. By the mid-1700s citrus fruits were being used to conquer scurvy (a lack of Vitamin C), which was a major problem in the British Navy. As a result, the 1867 The Shipping Act instructed all registered ships to carry lime or lemon juice – this act remains current today.
  5. Lime oil is widely used in flavouring foods, in particular it is the main ingredient in cola flavours.

Face the Fact: Lime

Aside from the benefits of consuming limes, the external application of lime juice and its natural oils can be beneficial. Including lime juice in skin care, keeps your skin glowing and its acidic and antibiotic properties can clean and protect your skin from infections.
This makes limes a powerhouse ingredient when you are looking for solutions for cleansing problem skin or removing dead skin cells.

citrus exfoliating wash

Our Citrus Exfoliating Wash is perfect for gently exfoliating and cleansing in one easy step. Fresh lime juice removes surface impurities while the gentle silica scrub leaves skin luminous and clear – all with the lovely fresh aroma of lime.

The two-in-one action of this product is a great time saver, especially for our clients who are busy juggling family commitments!


Lime Refresh Tonique
Ideal for using after a cleanser, masque or exfoliating cream to remove all traces of previous products and to reveal the clearness of the complexion. Spray the Lime Refresh Tonique directly onto the face and neck and let the freshly squeezed lime juice tone and balance skin, while green tea gives you extra antioxidant protection.

As we head into the cooler months, make limes your favourite pick-me-up product with its uplifting citrus scent.

Celebrate ‘Food for Your Face Friday’ by checking out the entire range of Eminence Organic products – all are chemical free, preservative free, handmade and sourced from nature!

For information on where to buy our Lime-based Skin Care Products or any of our Organic Skin Care Range, please see our website or visit our one of our exclusive Spa and Salons around Australia.

Are you a lime-lover? Share with us your favourite use for lime – adding it to a drink or eating lime tart?

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