grapefruit organic skincareFor anyone who thinks grapefruit is synonymous with breakfast – take note, you are missing out on all-day taste sensation! The grapefruit is starting to make a comeback from the 70s-diet books as a low-cal breakfast, and its now hitting our tables in salads and savoury dishes. Put grapefruits back on the shopping list and bag your body blast of total goodness!

5 Food Facts: Grapefruit

  1. Grapefruits are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other vitamins and minerals. Half of a grapefruit contains the total amount of vitamin C your body needs in one day. Grab one when you need to boost your energy or immune system (good for these chilly days!).
  2. Grapefruit is a perfect snack for people with Diabetes! Although sweet, like other citrus fruits, grapefruit has a low impact on your body’s sugar levels.
  3. Grapefruits contain naturally occurring flavonoids that burn calories, couple this with Its high fibre content that helps make you feel fuller for longer, and you have a winning combination for weight loss!
  4. Grapefruit can prevent heart disease. Your body and cell fluids happen to love potassium electrolytes and grapefruit is packed with them. These electrolytes are terrific for your heart health, so love grapefruit, and they will love you back!
  5. Grapefruit reduces cancer causing chemicals in your body. The pectin in grapefruit protects your colon membrane from cancer, the Vitamin A works against oral cavity cancers and the high concentration of antioxidants also help your body reduce cancer-causing chemicals. It’s certainly worth adding them to your diet when some suggest that eating grapefruit can lower your risk of some cancers by a staggering 60%!
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5 Fun Facts: Grapefruit

  1. The grapefruit is a cross between a pomelo and orange, however botanically it’s a berry. It’s also a late bloomer, only being discovered in Barbados as late as 1750’s, when its ‘parents’ the pomelo and orange were found by the Spaniards as early as the 15th century!
  2. The grapefruit was originally called a ‘Shaddock’ after its creator, a sea captain. It was renamed due to its resemblance to grapes – growing in bunches on the tree.
  3. Because of its antifungal properties, Grapefruit extract was once used by farmers to protect their wooden tools against mould.
  4. Being 75% juice, one medium grapefruit gives you nearly 2/3 of a cup of freshly squeezed juice which will retain 98% of its vitamin C for up to a week when stored in the fridge!
  5. Pummelos or ‘Chinese grapefruit’ are very popular during Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations because of their resemblance to the full moon.

Face the Fact: Grapefruit

The combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in grapefruits are also fantastic for your skin health!

Grapefruits have the highest concentration of Vitamin C of the citrus family and rich sources of Vitamin C assist collagen production in the skin. Also high in lycopene (see our tomato blog) and naringin, grapefruit reduces the effects of free radicals and liver toxins, resulting in healthier skin.

Grapefruit has been used to treat skin conditions such as dandruff, acne, impetigo and rashes. Grapefruit extract can help reduce inflammation of the skin and also works to increase the skin’s pH which can reduce acne.
Eminence harnesses the power of the grapefruit in a number of our natural and organic skin care products, listed below:

Citrus Exfoliating Wash

Citrus Exfoliating Wash 125ml

Gently exfoliate and cleanse in one step. Fresh lime juice, grapefruit seed and peel removes surface impurities while the gentle silica scrub leaves skin luminous and clear.

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Pink Grapefruit-C Hydrating Gel

Pink Grapefruit-C Hydrating Gel 35ml

A Vitamin Ester-C rich veil for your skin to fight free radicals, environmental factors, and soothe inflammation. Refreshing peppermint clears and cools while helping to prevent blemishes.

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Pink Grapefruit Clarifying Masque

Pink Grapefruit Clarifying Masque 60ml

A deep cleansing clay and antioxidant rich pink grapefruit puree reduce the appearance of blemishes and mop up excess oil. Kaolin clay cleanses, softens and purifies the skin to leave the complexion clear and healthy looking.

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Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque

Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque 60ml

A vitamin rich burst of pink grapefruit revitalises skin to bring life and vitality to the complexion. Skin is immediately hydrated, lifted and toned with the high antioxidant richness of this masque.

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For information on where to buy our organic Lemon Face and Skin Care Products or any of our Natural Skin Care range, please see our website or visit our one of our exclusive Spa and Salons around Australia.

Remember, our entire range of Organic face, skin and body products are natural - chemical free, preservative free and handmade! We look to nature for the source of our ingredients, making them so good you can literally eat them!

Share with us your favourite grapefruit recipes below.

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