apricots in a bowlIt’s a plump, nutrient-rich little food and as summer fades away, it is just starting to leave our supermarket shelves. If you are lucky enough to still find a fresh apricot, be quick to enjoy its sweet and tart flavour – or grab dried apricots for a year round, ‘on the go’ snack.

Before it disappears for another year, we salute the apricot by looking under its orange-gold glow to discover more about this delicious little fruit.

5 Food Facts: Apricots

  1. Apricots contain high amounts of carotenes, which your body can turn into vitamin A – great for healthy skin, eyes and bones! The Apricot makes it into the World’s Healthiest Food List because a single apricot holds more than 80 nutrients, specifically a huge 22.4% of our recommended dietary intake of Vitamin A!
  2. Apricots are filled with lots of dietary fibre and vitamin C. This helps iron absorption and can prevent colds – a handy tip to remember as we head into Autumn!
  3. Apricots are energy packed with three sugars – sucrose, glucose and fructose. That makes an apricot perfect for the 3pm pick-me-up, when the afternoon seems to be stretching out before you.
  4. Apricots do not contain saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol. With the versatility of fresh or dried options, the apricot is a great health snack for the young and old.
  5. Dried apricots are an excellent source of potassium. This can help you maintain the fluid balance in your body and can even assist in regulating your heartbeat.

5 Fun Facts: Apricots

  1. The apricot was discovered about 4,000 years ago in China.
  2. In Latin, the word apricot means “precious”.
  3. Apricots are a member of the rose family, just like its cousin Almond and even the Strawberry!
  4. The kernels of an apricot pit are poisonous. After roasting, they are safe to consume and often used in confectionary and to flavour liqueurs.
  5. A single apricot tree can produce fruit for up to 25 years!

 Face the Fact: Apricots

The apricot is a beautiful firm-skinned fruit, dewy and golden. Well that’s basically how it can transform your skin!

The Vitamin A rich apricot has revitalising and nourishing actions which work to correct your skin tone and texture. In our Apricot Whip Moisturiser we combine the power of apricots with carrot and corn germ oil, to offer supreme antioxidant protection against free radicals. The result effectively minimises visible signs of aging and gives you a smoothed and more elastic looking complexion. Follow it with a moisture kick masque. In our Apricot Masque we team up apricot juice and honey to deliver a decedent and delicious skin treat.

Apricot oil obtained from the dried apricot seed is also amazing for your skin. High in Vitamin C it is an excellent moisturiser to repair damaged skin. For your body, try this Apricot Oil Duo for an overall skin overhaul!

Top off your newly radiant skin with Eminence Apricot Body Oil which is blended with an assortment of healing oils such as grape seed and jojoba to create a luscious massage oil your skin will drink up. We are sure the properties are enhanced if you can convince someone else to help with the massage!

So grab some of the golden apricot glow for your body, using Eminence Organic Skin Care. Remember, our entire range of Organic face, skin and body products are natural – chemical free, preservative free and handmade! We look to nature for the source of our ingredients, making them so good you can literally eat them!

For information on where to buy our Apricot Face and Skin Care Products or any of our Organic Skin Care, please see our website or visit our one of our exclusive Spa and Salons around Australia.

What’s your favourite, fresh or dried apricots? Got a recipe using this wonder fruit that you would like to share with us?

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