world cancer day 2014

What Is It?

The founders of World Cancer Day The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) aim to give a collective voice to improve general knowledge around cancer and provide a global movement to dismiss misconceptions about the disease. This year’s focus is on reducing stigma and dispelling myths, leading to a positive change world-wide.

World Cancer Day 2014 theme is

Debunk the Myths
 with emphasis on four main myths of cancer:

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  1. We don’t need to talk about cancer
  2. There are no signs or symptoms of cancer
  3. There is nothing I can do about cancer
  4. I don’t have the right to cancer care


 The Reality of Cancer in Australia

breast cancerAccording to the World Health Organisation by 2030 it is expected there will be a staggering 12 million cancer deaths world-wide per year. On home soil, Cancer Australia reports about one in two men and one in three women in Australia will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime! The reality is that in 2013, about 125,000 Australians were diagnosed with cancer and this number is expected to exceed 150,000 by 2020.

Separating Fact from Fiction

cancer council australiaCancer Council Australia’s iheard website  and new iheard mobile phone app ([ilink url=”″ style=”download” title=”Download the app”]Apple device[/ilink] or [ilink url=”” style=”download” title=”Download the app”]Android device[/ilink] ) are great places to start if you’ve heard a claim about cancer and want to find out whether it’s true or not. You can load up your question onto the site or read interesting replies to questions others have posted.

How to Show Your Support for World Cancer Day

We have listed some quick ideas on how you could show your support for this important day.

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  • Send an e-card to a friend, [ilink url=”” style=”download”]they are ready made for easy sharing[/ilink] !
  • sweet red rose whipPurchase our beautiful [ilink url=”” title=”Go to the Eminence website to purchase”]Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer[/ilink]  for yourself, family or as a present for your friend’s birthday! For every purchase of Sweet Red Rose Whip we will donate USD$5 to Breast Cancer Research. Since 2007, Eminence has made an outstanding contribution of over $100 000 towards research efforts – help us continue to support this great cause!
  • Help ‘Debunk the Myths’ about cancer by sharing this post or raise the profile of Work Cancer Day by engaging directly with your social channels.
  • Other levels of support for World Cancer Day 2014 are available here.


Share with us how you are supporting World Cancer Day 2014.

It’s time to #DebunkCancerMyths Today is #WorldCancerDay. Join the fight & spread the #truth

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