Recently someone told me that cleansing properly was the basis of all proper skin care. If the skin is cleaned properly and not weighed down too much at night with heavy creams it has a chance to breathe and function properly as it should. By slightly changing my routine I have found this to be so true. Being a whole food skin care range we have the opportunity to use a range of ingredients that are traditionally are used for internal nutrition and apply them topically for proper skin nutrition and cleaning. I have put together a short list below, you might be surprised at what is used and why!

Colloidal Silver – healing antimicrobial agent, antiseptic and disinfectant.

Best used when the skin is disrupted and needs healing, or for swimmers after getting out of a chlorine pool to restore a happy balance on the skins surface. Found in Lime Cleansing masque, pop it on when you get in the shower and leave it on, rinse off just before getting out of shower.

Calendula Oil – antioxidant, antiseptic concentrate. Disinfects, heals and nourishes the skin. Has soothing properties

Great for sensitive, irritated skin, especially rosacea . Calendula assists the skin to repair damaged irritated tissue, while disinfecting the surface of the skin, giving a deep clean. Found in Calm Skin Cleanser

Yoghurt – exfoliating lactic acid, Moisturising and nourishing, contains probiotics.

For oily/acne skin, the lactic acid will help with a gentle refining daily, giving a deep clean. Probiotics, kill bacteria on inflamed acne without stripping, supports skin while cleansing. Clear Skin Cleanser.

Ichitol – calms inflammation and assists in removing oil build-up.

Ichitol is a natural mineral from the earth, gently deep cleansers while calming irritation. Found in our Mineral Cleansing concentrate. Hot tip: this cleanser is great to use on scalps suffering from psoriasis for washing hair!

Coconut Oil (virgin) – healer, moisturiser, antioxidant. Helps fight free radicals, is anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal.

Fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, suits all skin types from oily to dry and acne skin conditions. Keeps skin balanced and gently cleansed. Found in our Coconut Milk Cleanser.

If your skin is properly cleaned then it will let your moisturiser work correctly. Giving you a better result out of your products. Go to to find your nearest Spa Partner and book in a proper deep clean for a great kick start and get the right advice on the best cleanser for your skin!

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