Recently I took my first holiday in a while and went to Tasmainia for a week. Amongst the beautiful country side, cheese, tourist sites, cheese and the amazing Salamanca market, I also ate my weight in cheese. The other notable attraction that I throughly enjoyed was the botanical gardens which we managed to sqeeze in (around all that cheese eating!) on the last day. The succulent green house was one of the best, in my opinion, that I’ve seen. I wanted to share this magical garden with you and talk succulents, how they are not only amazing plants to look at, but how they can work wonders on your skin.



Our flagship plant at Eminence just happens to be a humble suculent called the Stone Crop plant. It got it’s name from being found to be growing on rocky beds. Stone crop juice and pulp hydrates and protects against pigmentation. Stone crop also reduces inflammation, regenerates and lightens the skin. This nifty little succulent is very soothing on chapped, irritated winter skin, and very effective at lightening and brightening the complextion for a winter glow!

My (tiny) Stone Crop plants!

Winter is the perfect time to under-go lightening regimes on the skin for the best results while there is minimal sun to un-do all your hard work. One of the most important factors of treating pigmentation is prevention from it getting worse or returning, the best ingredient for this is called a Tyrosinase inhibitor. Ingredients you need to look for include; Gigawhite, Licorice Extract, and Bearberry Extract. Our Stone Crop Collection contains these ingredients to help you skin to stay clear of pigmentation re-appearing. A course of enzyme peels are going to be the most effective for lifting the pigmentation out of the skin, your local Eminence Spa can help you get this booked in! Find your local Spa Partner here. You can also purchase a lower strength enzyme exfoliating system for home use. I have listed the best daily home routine for serious lightening and brightening below;

Stone Crop Gel Wash

Stone Crop Hydrating Mist – hot tip* spitz throughout the day for all day hydration to combat winter dehydration

Stone Crop Serum

Stone Crop Whip Moisturiser (for oily skin try our Stone Crop Hydrating Gel)

Home Peeling System for once a week ~

Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel followed by Soothing Chamomile Tonique

Stone Crop Masque





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