Moisturise for relieving dry skin

Dry skin

This year summer seemed to go on and on, it was truly an endless summer that lasted well into March. Of course most people love this but all good things must come to an end and as autumn finally starts to show itself, days are finally getting shorter and cooler. With this cool air come other changes, mostly to your skin. The air dries out, frequent room heating will be needed soon, and all of these things sap your skin of its surface moisture levels causing dehydration to increase. Remember this applies to ALL your skin, not just the skin on your face. So here are my tips to surviving the trans seasonal change:

Change your moisturiser to a slightly heavier one or add a hydrating serum if you’re not already using one, this will help your skin cope with the change. I suggest going one or two moisturisers across in our guide here or adding our Strawberry Rhubarb Serum to your routine. We love Eminence because it gives you so much choice and flexibility with your product without having to change brands!

Pump up the hydration on your lips! Did you know you can layer our Citrus Lip Balm, Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper and our Organic Kiss Lip Glosses? Not to mention you now have three gorgeous colours to choose from; Plum Kiss, Spice Kiss and Strawberry Kiss (they also work great over your lipstick!)

Lip Balm Trio

Hands! Our most over worked and neglected body part (aside from feet). Doing paperwork and working in an air conditioned office drains hands of moisture, our Tea Tree and Mint Hand Cleanser is a great replacement for that supermarket hand sanitiser (and doesn’t dry your hands out) teamed with our Vanilla Mint Hand Cream will keep your hands cleans, soft and hydrated. Both are USDA certified organic.

Vanilla mint good for dry skin

The rest… as it gets colder the last thing you want to do is stand in your bathroom in your underwear, but keeping up the dry body brushing will help your skin from turning into that awful flaky dryness and also keep your lymphatic system working over the cooler slower months. For quick hydration step out from the running water in your shower, drizzle a thin line of our Apricot Body Oil down each arm, across your chest and top of your back, step back under the water to rinse, done! The oil will run down your body hydrating you all over making you smell divine, without having to stand in the cold half naked while you apply cold body lotion, easy.

Apricot Body Oil

For those extra dry areas like elbows and knees we also have Shea Butter & Mint Moisture Balm, luxuriously thick for when you need that extra level of hydration. Also part of our USDA certified organic collection.

Moisture balm

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