Celebrity Love: Dita Von Teese

Celebrity Love: Dita Von Teese

"I love Eminence Organic Skin Care because I like to be conscientious about what I put on my skin."​

Dubbed the “Queen of Burlesque,” Dita Von Teese is known the world over for her awe-inspiring burlesque performances. With classic Old Hollywood features, Dita is immediately recognisable for her signature red lip, razor-sharp cat eye and porcelain skin. It comes as no surprise that RuPaul has called her “the last word in glamour.” We’re delighted that Dita uses Eminence Organics to keep her skin looking its very best on and off stage.

One of Dita’s many encounters with Eminence was when she received a personalised facial from none other than Company President Boldijarre Koronczay before one of her sell-out performances in Vancouver. To give Dita a flawless finish, he used some of her favourite Eminence products. Dita looked stunning throughout her performance and shared her love for Eminence in a backstage post on her Instagram story.

Eminence Organic Skin Care - targeting individual skin conditions

Dita suffers from dry and sensitive skin, and in her bestselling book “Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour” she reveals how this condition is alleviated by Eminence Organic Skin Care products. The pin up queen and doyenne of celebrity make up calls out Eminence as her all-time favourite and go-to skin care brand. “I’m really into natural skin care now and I’ve been using a lot of Eminence products. I’ve tried (and loved!) many fancy, expensive creams and serums, but I’m getting great results from the natural Eminence line. It makes me feel good to be using fewer (possibly toxic) products!”

At 49, Dita’s complexion is flawless. In her book, Dita unveils her skin care secrets, listing her selection of best facial moisturisers for dry skin including Coconut Age Corrective Moisturiser and Linden Calendula Treatment Cream for night.

The Queen's top picks for dry or sensitive skin:

Cleansing: There’s really no end to how much this dedicated aficionada raves about our brand. When interviewed by Vogue about her cleansing routine for dry skin she reveals “My … favorite [cleanser] is by Éminence. I love their stuff. I use a lot of their products, and they have one called the Stone Crop Gel Wash. It has such an interesting, slick texture and it’s all-natural, so you can use it on your eyes and everything.” 

Adding Moisture: When your skin feels dry: enriched with coconut oil and shea butter, the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturiser smooths and tones the skin. It’s “the perfect base for daytime”.

When your skin needs masking: used as a mask or overnight treatment, the ultra-rich Linden Calendula Treatment Cream revitalises and moisturises with fresh linden and calendula extracts. It “gives my dry and sensitive skin the moisture it craves, and it gives my senses the experience of pure luxury and indulgence that I love. I can’t live without this cream in my life.”

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