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You only have ONE body with lots of skin. Let’s look after it all!

Eminence Organic Skin Care is blessed with the most comprehensive collection of active and luxurious body care products. At a time of year when your body is neglected but most in need of attention we have slashed the prices of our body collection so you can take advantage of the savings and be rewarded with a gift of a Coconut Sugar Scrub travel tube valued at $35 with the purchase of any 2 body products.

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A few fun skin facts

  1. An average adult’s skin spans 1.95 square metres, weighs just over 4 kg, and contains more than 17 kilometres of blood vessels.
  2. Blowin’ in the wind: Globally, dead skin accounts for about a billion tons of dust in the atmosphere. Your skin sheds 50,000 cells every minute.
  3. A large amount of the dust in your home is actually dead skin (up to 50%).
  4. Estimates place the number of individual bacteria on the surface of 6.5 square cm of human skin at 50 million. This number can jump to 500 million in oily surfaces like the face.
  5. “In the buff” became synonymous for “nude” in 17th-century England. The term derives from soldiers’ leather tunics, or “buffs,” whose light brown colour apparently resembled an Anglo-Saxon backside.
  6. Every month, the entire outer surface of your skin is replaced – a ‘new you’ every four weeks! That’s almost 1,000 new skins in a lifetime!

This promotion is active for the month of July, 2015.

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