Rabbit scared of animal testing

There has been lots of talk lately about animal testing and some brands who claimed not to test on animals have been exposed as false. This new wave of awareness has not just got people talking on social media, real change has happened in Europe. Ever the trail blazer on safe ingredients and humane testing an article in Skin Inc magazine revealed these new changes to law. You can read the full article here.

The main points it covers are:

  • The EU is in a full phase out of animal testing for all cosmetics.
  • No animal testing can be carried out in Europe for cosmetic purposes.
  • It’s also prohibited to market products that contain ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Now this is a huge change with wide implications for some of the biggest cosmetic houses based in Europe, and a great win for animal welfare organisations.

But there is a but. Unfortunately it doesn’t extend any further than cosmetics; pharmaceuticals, detergents, food and paints may still be tested on animals. Also cosmetics that have been tested on animals and are already established in the marketplace may still be sold. The article goes on to describe the timeline leading to this ban and how it came about.

This is a great start, sure they’re not recalling all cosmetics that have been tested on animals, but the future is looking very bright. I expect to see real change in the next 2-5 years as new products come onto the market from Europe, especially from the major cosmetic houses.

Eminence Organic Skin Care is proudly cruelty free. The use of the whole plant, fruits and vegetables eliminates the need for over lab processing and testing, giving the whole goodness full of natural enzymes and antioxidants.

Is this: makeup girl

Worth this: photo of animal testing

Think about where you buy your cosmetics from in the future, is it worth it???

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