7 Unique Ways To Use Facial Recovery Oil

7 Unique Ways To Use Facial Recovery Oil

Renamed “Liquid Gold” by our customers, our Facial Recovery Oil is a popular and revered product, and rightfully so. With organic and Biodynamic® ingredients, this miraculous oil holds multiple benefits far beyond hydration, and is a targeted solution for a variety of problems on both face and body.

Curious about its amazing results? Learn all about why this product is so unique and discover seven ways to use our beloved Facial Recovery Oil.

Why Is Facial Recovery Oil So Unique?

One of the greatest overall benefits of Facial Recovery Oil? The fact that it is part of Eminence Organics’ award-winning Beyond Organic Collection. The products in this collection are made with certified Biodynamic® ingredients — meaning not only are they free from synthetic chemicals, as all of our organic products are, but they are also grown in a closed loop farming method to ensure a farm’s health and longevity.

Instead of approaching farming as a means to an end (like many modern-day farming practices), the Biodynamic farm is a beautiful, intricate ecosystem buzzing with plants and wildlife. The Biodynamic® farmer works in harmony with the natural cycles of the sun, moon, and stars to bring each plant to their highest nutritional potency. The farmer adapts sustainable practices to yield the healthiest crops while protecting and healing the earth using only natural solutions from within the farm.

The result is the pure and potent ingredients found in our Beyond Organic Collection, like the age-defying clary sage, balancing ylang ylang and olive and sesame oils found in our Facial Recovery Oil. Each product contains nourishing ingredients that are even higher in vitamins, nutrients, and active compounds than traditional organic ingredients. Studies have shown Biodynamic® ingredients on average contain 30% more antioxidants and 47% more Vitamin C.

TV personality Whitney Port recommends the oil on her blog and podcast, With Wit. She says, “…the [ product ] that I’m loving right now is the Eminence [Facial Recovery Oil]. [It’s] a natural face oil that’s just so luxurious and radiant and I use it at the end [of my regimen] especially when I want even more of a glow …”

The oil’s skin care effects were also noticed by Hollywood star Cameron Diaz who recommends keeping her favourite oil in her beach bag: “A drop goes a long way to relieve any dryness in your skin from the sun and water. A drop on each cheek after your shower will do wonders.”

7 Ways To Use Facial Recovery Oil

1. Signs Of Aging In The Neck Area

The Facial Recovery Oil has many uses, and one of them is to moisturise and tone the skin in the neck area. Due to the oil’s olive and sage leaf ingredients, regular use improves the visible signs of aging on the neck, giving the delicate skin a plumped up glow.

2. Keratosis Pilaris

Have you ever worried about “chicken skin?” These bumps are formally known as keratosis pilaris, which build up in hair follicles, often in the arm, thigh or bottom area. A lack of sebum and fatty acids cause these protein plugs. Should you want to target this issue, a liberal use of Facial Recovery Oil melts the look of these bumps away. 

3. Puffy Eyes And Crow's Feet

Did you know that Facial Recovery Oil especially benefits the eye area? Its key ingredients hydrate the undereye intensely to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffy eyes.
A combination of clary sage oil, sage leaf extract, olive oil and ylang ylang calms and soothes the skin’s appearance while deeply hydrating the complexion. Since there are less oil glands around the eyes, the oil delivers the extra moisture needed in an area extremely prone to dryness.

4. Chapped Lips

Free from parabens, perfumes, and harsh chemicals, Facial Recovery Oil soothes dry, chapped lips. When environmental stressors or dry climate chafe your lips, the oil relieves your pucker with a single drop. Follow up with our Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper to plump up your pout.

5. Dry Cuticles

After applying facial oil to your complexion, why not rub the remaining traces into your cuticles as well? The Facial Recovery Oil will soften irritated dry cuticles and ensure your nails stay hydrated, healthy and strong.

6. The Look Of Uneven Skin Tone

Vitamin E and the herbal ingredients in Facial Recovery Oil target the look of uneven skin tone on your cheeks. With regular use, skin appears smoother, more even and refreshed. Beauty editors at The Fashion Spot testify, “We discovered this oil three years ago and can’t imagine life without it.”

7. Stretch Marks And Surgical Scars

For skin issues like stretch marks and surgical scars, intense moisture from Facial Recovery Oil increases elasticity and improves the look of firmness in the skin. Clary sage oil, a key ingredient in this formula, contains hydrating properties which is important for improving the look of damaged skin.   

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