forestWe’re excited to announce that we’ve now planted over 2 million trees in developing countries through our Forests for the Future initiative!

This milestone comes just in time for Earth Day – an international event created to support environmental protection. Our tree planting efforts are currently focused in Africa, a continent which is heavily affected by deforestation.

Forests for the Future has impacted many families in Africa where agroforestry education provides them with the tools to create their own tree nursery. The profits allow them to support their basic needs.

Thank you for helping us save the planet, one product and one tree at a time.

The Power of a Single Tree:

  1. Produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year!
  2. Absorbs as much carbon in a year as a car produces driving 26,000 miles!
  3. Helps lower air temperature and helps prevent climate change!
  4. Stabilizes the soil and prevents wind and soil erosion through its roots!
  5. Contributes to the fertility of land through nitrogen fixation and increasing water penetration!

Remember, our entire range of Organic face, skin and body products are natural – chemical free, preservative free and handmade! We look to nature for the source of our ingredients, making them so good you can literally eat them!

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