Best Beauty Fixes

Published on 1 Apr, 2013
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Chelsea Clark gives us the low down for all common skin problems in this edition.  Linden Calendula Treatment Cream features in her solutions for dry skin via some expert advice from Director Tamara Eacott.

Dry, flaky skin can quickly become red and irritated if not cared for properly. It could also be a sign of more serious problems including psoriasis or eczema.

But the good new is, treating dryness is as simple as applying a natural, rich and targeted cream regularly. “Some of the common aggressors of problem skin can be added colours, fragrance, fillers and chemical preservatives,” explains Tamara Eacott from Eminence. “Take these ingredients out of the equation and you are more likely to achieve an exceptional result with problem skin.”

Eminence’s star product in this category is Linden Calendula Treatment Cream, $107. “Calendula is truly the miracle worker of the skin and can be used to treat everything from lumps or bumps to scabs that won’t heal, eczema, athlete’s foot, acne or nappy rash, “ says Eacott.