Eminence Organics: In the Spotlight

We are feeling very loved up this month, and excited to share with you a collection of fantastic magazines showcasing the Eminence Organics range. Check out what’s trending across health, beauty and fashion as we head into Autumn. OK Magazine featured our Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser in their ‘Luxe’ range of Best Beauty Buys.   […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Tomatoes

The answer to the long standing trivia question of “is it a fruit or vegetable” should be on the lips of every backyard gardener across Australia – the tomato being the most popular fruit grown in our vegetable gardens! For maximum flavour, colour or nutrition it’s best to grow-your-own, check out the recommendations from the […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Blueberries

My blog about the Clyde River Berry Farm in 2011, ‘sealed the deal’ in my love of the beautiful blueberry! Nutritionally dense, this small little berry packs a huge antioxidant punch. Nutritionists believe that if you make one diet change – make it more blueberries as grabbing only handful a day of this super-food can […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Pears

The perfection of a pear! We are lucky to be able to enjoy this sweet and juicy package year-round with at least one variety of pear available every month here in Australia! Being one of the few fruits that does not ripen on the tree, it’s a perfect Grab-n-Go snack for the fruit bowl and, […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Lime

Lime Whether its lime oil, lime juice or lime peel – when I see limes, I think… refreshing! With its thin skin and few seeds, limes have been revered since the 18th century for their medicinal properties. Today, the lime is used as a versatile flavour enhancer as well as providing us with delicious desserts […]

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Hollywood Helps Eminence Plant over 1,000 Trees

This past weekend, we attended the GBK pre-Oscars Gift Lounge where we launched our #Tweet4Trees campaign, and gave attendees a sneak peek at our upcoming Illuminating Collection. For every tweet or retweet using the hashtag #Tweet4Trees we promised to plant a tree – and it was a huge success! As a result of the excitement […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Red Currant

What’s tiny, red, tart-tasting and a powerhouse of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins? Red Currants! Not commonly on the menu due to their tart flavour, the red currant should not be cast aside. Get creative by adding them to your smoothies, juices or sauces to make the most of the health benefits crammed into this little […]

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New Age Preventative Collection – Youth Shield

Youth Shield Collection New for autumn 2014 Calling all 20’s to late 30’s who are concerned about aging but still have combination skin. Eminence Organic Skin Care is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary Youth Shield Collection. This new collection is formulated to protect against the early signs of aging using an exclusive […]

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Food For Your Face Friday : Coconuts

The coconut has risen to be a miracle food, giving us coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, and even coconut milk ice cream! How has this feared fatty food come out of the shadows to be revered by celebrities and doctors for its health and beauty benefits? We take a closer look at how this […]

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Eminence Organics: In the Spotlight

We are pleased to share with you the first release of a new and regular blog topic – Eminence Organics in the Spotlight. Our fantastic products are regularly featured both internationally and in Australia’s leading magazines about health, beauty and fashion. This blog will capture some of the highlights and take a sneak peak at […]

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